Saturday, April 26, 2014

What My Days Look Like

i know we have a lot to catch up on.  we'll get there. right now i thought i'd just give you a taste of what my normal day looks like.

8am - Wake up and shower.  I may be up with the boys at this point but I try to leave them in their cribs until I am out of the shower.  (And yes, cribs - we got to borrow one from a friend, so thankful!).

8:30am - Get boys dressed and fed.  Abi dressed maybe.  Think about breakfast.

9am - Breakfast

10am-12pm - House chores, errands, counseling, park fun, coloring, games, whatever.  This is our anything goes time slot.

12:30pm - Lunch for all the kiddos, tv show for the girls


1pm-3pm - I work from home, clean, do projects I can't do with kids...ya know, those things.  I wish this were a longer window ONLY because I always feel like I'm playing catch up.  Ah well, it's a season.

3pm - Homeschool...which consists of learning letter names and sounds right now although the kid already knows most of them.  We are going to start Learn to Read in 100 Easy Lessons soon!

3:30pm-5:30pm - House chores, outside time, whatever.  This is a flexible window but usually at home because I don't wake kids up from naps so there is little predictability. Feed the boys somewhere in here.

5:30pm - Start thinking about dinner, get kids cleaning up

6:30pm - Family dinner and clean up

7:30pm - Watch a bed time show with the girls, feed the boys and get everyone ready for bed.

8pm - Everyone in bed, story with the girls.

At this point my days start to look different :)
Monday and Tuesday I work from 8-10pm from home
Wednesday is date night!
Thursday is Bible study at our house
Friday I get some time out of the house starting around 7
Saturday and Sunday are family days!

So there, that's my normal life...with my crazy family :)

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

We are still alive.

Ya'll, I haven't posted because well...

i'm a mom.

i have twin 6 month olds...and a 2 year old...and a 4 year old...

i homeschool...kinda...

i teach sunday school...

i mentor and fellowship and community with people...

i have 3 extra people living in my house (making it a total of 9)...

and i have a ton of ministry, life and other demands that take up my time and attention.

But ya know what, i have stuff to say.  i am woman, hear me roar!  ok, maybe i won't roar.  i want to post again.  i want to use this as a place to record these memories, because never ever in my life will i get to relive these days.  i want to remember them.  i want to look back and think, i did THAT.  ya know?  you get it, right?

so here is my goal.  i'm going to go schedule posts for the next four fridays (to go live on saturday morning).  hopefully by the time they go live it won't be a sad reminder that i didn't follow through...ha ha, i'm hoping the pre-scheduled posts will help my motivation!

i'm also thinking about moving to a new blog.  i think i want a fresh start where i don't feel like i need to go back and re-read every post before i can spread the word.  we'll see.  i'll keep you posted :)