Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten [#2]

So for this week's thanksfuls I'm going to go with....

1) Continued Pregnancy Symptoms
My first DR appointment isn't until next Wednesday (less than a week!) and I still feel very pregnant so I'm hoping this baby will be given a clean bill of health and I can let myself really start to get excited!

2) My new computer
It isn't up and running yet but apparently it will be MUCH faster than this one.  This one freezes everytime I get on myspace for work.  Not good, not good.

3) Sesame Street
So far it seems like it is fairly educational and not too crazy...and it keeps Grace's attention for 42 minutes so I can get things done when I need to.  I'm not a fan of too much TV but 42 minutes a day?  Sure, that's fine.

4) Almost finished with my Bible Study book
I am almost finished with a Bible Study book I started...well, a long time ago.  Two more days!  Then I think I am going to do Beth Moore's Paul study.

5) Running water...and the knowledge that it can all be done.
I like not having to stress about feeding my kid or keeping her clean (or me and Aaron for that matter).  It's nice to know that the basics we take for granted are always there.

6) My mom's haircuts
My hair is LONG...and when I get it cut at Mama's Hair Cuts it is free of charge and comes with childcare :)

7) The ability to sleep
I got to sleep for 12 hours last night.  (Basically from when Grace went to bed till when she got up) Oh man did I not feel good!

8) Health
I love that Aaronm, Grace and I are almost never sick.  It certainly makes life easier!

9) Quiet...
I like those peaceful times at my house when I can just think.  Although I think the quiet now may mean there is mac and cheese all over my kitchen. Nope, she ate every last noodle (well, I may find a few later).  And yes, sometimes I leave the room while my kid eats...I listen to her still but she doesn't eat well when she has an audience.

10) Bathtime
I love taking baths (and have been almost nightly it seems) and I love when my kiddo takes bath.  It is fun to watch her splash and play.

Might not have been the 10 most earth shattering things...but those are my 10 thankfuls for this week!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Eleven for 11

I don't like new year resolutions - I think they set me up for failure.  So here are some carefully considered, reprioritizing goals that I'd like to keep until I'm given other goals to reach for!

1) Do first the things that only I can do.
I posted about this a couple days ago but there are certain roles that only I can fill.  Only I can be Grace's mom.  Only I can be Aaron's wife.  Only I am responsible to manage my home.  I will commit to doing these things with the attention and effort they deserve FIRST.

2) Do the things I KNOW I am called to do.
I am called to lead a Bible study for teenage girls.  I am called to mentor them and speak into their lives.  Some days I don't exactly know why - but this is my calling and it is what I will do.  That will mean giving up time with friends and peaceful time alone but they are worth it.  If only ONE life is changed, that is what I am called to do and I will do it with passion.

3) Keep a clean home.
I feel like I have turned into a pack rat.  This is a bad example but I currently have 4 CPUs and a laptop in my office.  Why?  Because I don't know enough about computers to move everything to one and I haven't bothered to ask!  I hate piles, messy cabinets and clothes all over my bedroom...however that is the current state of my house.  Even if I have to set aside 15 minutes a day to tackle ONE project I will not have a messy home.  I think that as long as it is in my capability it is disrespectful to my husband and children to ignore it (that being said, I do NOT think it should be overwhelming and sometimes other things have to come first...I'm just saying when I have the time I will make an effort to use it wisely).

4) Pray
I am a TERRIBLE pray-er.  I know God has put this on my heart before but this year I really want to focus on not only telling Him what is going to on but to practice silence so I can hear His words speaking to my heart.

5) Memorization
As a kid I did Awana (which Grace will do as soon as she is old enough!) and I learned a TON of Bible verses - and the ones I remember I still pull out and use regularly.  Lately it seems like this has become less of a priority.  I want to not only know how to refer to my Bible but to KNOW it.  "Always have an answer for what you believe"

6) Study
I want to study something.  I think I want to take a Bible class online although I need to figure it out with my schedule first.  I also want to study something like cake decorating and design because I love it and it's a good outlet.

7) Personal time
I am going to commit to taking time for myself.  It is easy to get caught up with other people and other things that I forget to take care of me.  I am going to take long hot baths after the baby is asleep.  I am going to get off my butt and walk, not to lose weight now but to get my blood flowing.  I owe it to myself and my family.

8) Financial Support
This year the goal is to raise 100% of our financial support.  Right now we are at about 10% I believe.  I think it is scary to ask people for money to support the ministry but how can they hear unless they are told and how can they be told unless someone is sent?  I am reminded of the verse "Here I am Lord, send me"...which we have made that commitment but now we need to be active in sharing our ministry with others and not being afraid to ask.  I'm afraid - pray for me if you think of it!

9) Appreciating my husband
I think I get in a rut of taking him for granted or getting irritated by little things.  I want to make sure he knows that I think he is the most amazing man this year.  I'm not sure how that will look - but I want to make sure he knows he is valued, appreciated and his hard work is not taken for granted.

10) Find a mentor.
I would love to have an older/wiser woman to teach me.  I am grateful for my friends who are not so impressed with me and who are willing to tell me how it is (in love of course).  I want the accountability, prodding and teaching of someone who wants to invest in me.

11) Love
I want my heart, words, mind, actions, soul to be filled with love.  I want that to be the word people use when they think of me.  I want it to ooze out of every pore of my body.  I want to be known by my love.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I hate when I'm flipping channels on the TV and I catch something that just shakes up my little world.  It was a music video of a little girl waving at a grouchy man in a fancy sports car - then you see the little girl's parents fighting - then you see the van they are in flipped upside down.  I stopped watching at that point.

I think this year it is going to be vital to remember what is important and why.  I remember reading a book that said my attention first needed to go to the things only I can do.  Only I can be Grace's mom.  Only I can be my husband's wife.  Only I can fill many of the roles in my home.  And I intend to be intentional about that this year.  Once again, it breaks my heart to think of the kids who's parents don't spend time with them or who don't understand their value.  It breaks my heart to think of the times I've been frustrated or short fused with my husband or daughter - that time is valuable and it doesn't come back. 

This year I will love those around me, I will work hard to help provide for my family and I will fill first the roles that only I can fill.