Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #13

1) 7 weeks left! :D  I cannot wait to meet this little girl!  Good Dr. appointment Tuesday so I'm pleased with that. 
2) Time with the family and friends.  Aaron and I went to the park with Grace this week and I got to have a few friends visit as well.
3) Babies!  2 friends who just gave birth to sons - both Levi's.  A friend pregnant with twins, a friend pregnant with baby #2 (they will be 14 or 15 months apart).  And those who are faithful to trust what God says with more kids or when He says not right now.
4) Bible study!  My girls asked some GREAT questions this past week!
5) Fourth of July!  This is seriously one of my favorite holidays.  I'm not super sure why although I do know that it was one of the first times Aaron hung out with my family and the day that he talked to my dad about marrying me!
6) Wisdom.  My husband is a smart guy.  I love that he is able to gently correct my way of thinking and help me to understand his heart as well.  He is an amazing man!
7) Peace.  I love that the Lord knows how to calm my heart.
8) Contentedness.  There are a lot of needs/wants out there but I'm thankful the Lord knows our true needs and supplies those.  The rest can wait!
9) Bibles!  We are $40 away from our goal to buy 500 Bibles for our teen center.  I am SO thankful we were able to raise this money fairly quickly! (as of this evening we have MET OUR GOAL!!!)
10) Music.  I feel like lately I have had songs stuck in my head.  Not always the best songs, but ones   that sum up how I feel.  I like that there seems to be a song track to my life constantly playing - helps me keep tabs on how I really feel :)

Are you thankful?  Write them down and link up!  Or just leave me some comments!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I love that picture.  I think my little girl is so funny.  I also love that she can bend completely over to color - I'd fall on my head.  I'm content when she is happy and enjoying life.  I need to be content when she is fussing and giving me a "hard time".  This too shall pass.

I love hanging out with my family.  There is something about watching Hubs and Grace interact that makes my heart happy.  I am content when we are able to spend time together and enjoy each other's company.  I need to be content even when it feels like we don't do this enough because of work, crazy schedules or tiredness.  Again, this time is going to pass quickly and while I want to make sure we are enjoying it, I want to make sure we are enjoying it without nagging or pushing. 

I have an amazing family.  My immediate family delights me.  My husband is loving, caring and provides for me and has taught me so much about love.  My daughter inspires me to be a better me...because even at almost 2 I am starting to see myself in her.  I love that God gave me this reflection to teach me about myself and about the way that He loves me.  I hope I am a reflection of Him.

Enjoy today.  Don't waste it being frustrated with what isn't, be content with what it is!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I had a post my head...on Sunday.  Yesterday I could not come up with anything worth typing.  Today is just a quick update on life then back to my regularly scheduled programming.

1) Baby
Baby is doing great.  We had a Dr appointment this morning.  Her heart rate is good, my blood pressure is good.  It sounds like she is still butt-down but hopefully by my 36 week appointment will flip over.  (And lets just pray for face down this time too!)

2) Work
Work is going well.  We're doing a $5 Wheat Sale in order to raise money to purchase Bibles.  We are able to get Bibles for $1 each that we can use as handouts for kids at our events or for Bible studies.  We have $155 left to raise!  I'm not sure what our next project will be but I'm super excited that we are almost at our goal on this one!  If you're interested in donating or learning more here is the link:
Harvest Youth Ministries $5 Wheat Sale

3) Grace
Grace continues to do great in her big girl bed!  She found some glass ornaments on Friday night and broke them.  Praise the Lord she was not cut or injured.  She did have some pieces in her mouth (which is bizarre because she normally wouldn't eat something like that) but apparently managed to crunch it up to tiny pieces so no cuts in her mouth and we're assuming (and monitoring for) no internal cuts.  And super thankful to my mom and friends who were able to give me wonderful advice, assure me that I was not the worst mother in the world, and point out what things I should be looking for to monitor her!

4) Hubs
Hubs is awesome :) He emptied the dishwasher for me and did the dishes, ain't he a keeper! :)

That is about it in my world these days.  Babies, work, life - keeps me busy and happy :)


Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm having a BABY

I was telling a couple friends yesterday that it has finally occured to me that I am having a BABY.  I mean physically I'm preparing for a teeny-tiny...itty bitty clothes are in the closet, the mattress of the crib is raised, I am thinking about newbie and size 1 diapers all over again.  Mentally I think I had this image of the girls both being Grace's age, playing together and not really changing life all that much.

I'm glad I had this revelation before the baby arrived :)  Now I am gearing up for sleeplessness, midnight prayer times, help from family/friends to make sure Grace has the attention from me and others she needs, and on and on and on.

I'm glad they don't come out Grace's size (for the obvious reasons as well as the subtle ones).  I would hate to miss that teeny-tiny phase even though it isn't always super easy.  I can't wait to meet this little girl!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

My Family's Ministry

My family has been blessed with the opportunity to work with young people in the Dayton area.  Aaron and I are directly involved in everything from running events at our youth center to managing the thrift store as an extra source of income to running Bible studies during the week.  We are thankful to have been blessed with this opportunity to be missionaries in our own backyard. 

Aaron and I have recently set a goal to raise $2000 per month toward our family's ministry. All donations go through Harvest Youth Ministries and are tax deductible. We love working with teenagers and are thankful that we have this opportunity.  

If you or anyone you know has a heart for teens or missions, please share this information with them.  We are working toward raising 100% of our own support would love to be able to continue doing what we love and use the ministry's resources for more programs for the teens rather than to pay our salaries.

Our Family's Ministry Page

For more information or to share what the Lord is doing in your neighborhood, please send an email to


"We loved you so much that we were delighted to share with you not only the gospel of God but our lives as well, because you had become so dear to us." 1 Thessalonians 2:8

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #12

Here are my thankfuls!

1) 8 weeks left!
I always say I'm not going to complain because I am absolutely stoked to have and meet this kiddo but I am definitely ready for this baby to be out of me :)  She can stay in as long as she needs to in order to be healthy...but if she wanted to come early I wouldn't complain much :)  Maybe all she really needs to do is drop, it'd be nice to breath again!  (Ok, and this made me laugh off a message board: Hey - we're 8 months pregnant. We're fat, we're sweaty, we're sore. Things are happening to my body I've only seen in horror movies.)

2) Bed time ease!
I love that my little girl knows when she needs to rest.  She usually goes very easily into her room/bed.  She doesn't always sleep right away but she seems to know when she needs downtime which makes bedtime and naps much easier on me!

3) New phone!
I got a new work phone!  It is a pretty inexpensive one so doesn't have all the cool gadgets and whistles...but the camera works so when I have this kiddo I can post some pictures!  Yea!

4) On schedule house cleaning!
I think I am on-schedule as far as my weekly cleaning goes.  I plan to finish two more rooms "in depth" this weekend (not super looking forward to it) but hoping to get in the "this is for baby" mood and just get it done.

5) Moms who keep it real!
I've read a couple blog posts recently about keeping it real as a momma.  We were people before we had kids and are people with kids now - not "just" mom as some people tend to label us or we label ourselves.  And NONE of us have perfect angel children...always nice to know :)

6) An awesome team!
I have a great team on my side when it comes to work, Bible study and life!  I'm excited to have the opportunity to work with these ladies and spur each other on!

7) Beth Moore
I have always had issues with Paul - I'm not sure why but I don't think I ever read much of what he wrote in the Bible with the same attitude he had when he wrote it.  After doing the Beth Moore "Paul" study I feel like I understand him a LOT better! 

8) Photo wall!
I'm so excited to have pictures up on my wall finally!  Hubs let me do whatever I wanted and I love the way it turned out!

9) Free time tomorrow!
One of my good friends is going to watch Grace tomorrow morning/afternoon.  I will probably clean and take a nap :)  So excited!  She has three kids of her own - her youngest boy is going to marry Grace :)

10) Ovaltine
Ok, I know stupid right?  But I LOVE Ovaltine!  I drink at least one glass a day.  It started with Grace because I usually had a mocha in the morning but wanted to cut out caffeine.  After I had her it didn't make sense to just switch back to caffeine so I stuck with Ovaltine...I ran out the other day and was using chocolate syrup to make my morning was GROSS.  Hubs got me a new container of Ovaltine last night and I am one happy camper :)

I feel like, again, I have been in a hormonal funk the past two weeks.  I think there are just a lot of things weighing on my brain right now from baby to work needs to caring for Grace to mentoring kids to focusing on relationships to taking care of myself.  I am thankful for those of you who have continued to encourage me and spur me on.  I always like to call it when I know I am acting irrationally because of hormones and PMS and I think that is really the majority of what the funk has been - but I also know that regardless of the cause if I don't turn it over to the Lord I am not doing anyone any favors.

Do you have thankfuls?  Write 'em down and link up! (Or just leave me a comment with your thankfuls, even if there aren't 10!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

About that....

Is it bad that one day after posting my weekly goals I have ALREADY missed them?  I didn't do my quiet time before I started working.  I blame it on the fact that I spent the morning at the Verizon store and then wanted to make sure I was prepped for staff meeting...but excuses aside, really I didn't make it ONE day?  I'm lame.

Ah well.  I did get a new phone today.  It would have taken two days to get the pink version so I went with black because my old phone was dead...but I did go with the pink cover so we're good.  Apparently my old phone would have been covered under warranty but there would have been some out of pocket expense due to excessive my house we call those 2 year old teeth marks, but whatever. :)  I'm happy with it so we shall see!  I was also excited because my camera on my old phone didn't work so now when the baby is here I'll be able to take and post pictures of her from the hospital instead of having someone else do it or not having pictures up until I got home :)

The transition to the big girl bed has gone great for Grace!  I'm VERY excited to see how well she is adjusting.  When she wakes up in the middle of the night it is usually for a shorter (quieter) period and she has been sleeping in until about the same time...sometimes a bit later.  Now when I tell her to get in bed she goes and gets in bed.  She has done great for naps and bedtime although I think she is like me and just needs some "unwind" time before she actually falls asleep.  We let her get up and get her books and be in her room.  Occasionally she'll cranky the radio up or I go investigate a large crash but her room is pretty toddler-proof (now that I got that screwdriver out of there...?!?) so I don't worry about her too much.  I do love seeing her little toes under the door when she is ready to get out of bed.  This morning when I went to get her up she had just put Elmo to sleep under her blanket.  It was VERY cute.

All that being said, I have nothing earth shattering to report.  :D


Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend Victories and Week Goals

I always like weekends where I feel like I accomplished something.  I honestly can't remember Friday night right now but I think I spent most of it hanging out on the couch :)  Saturday I went out with my family (mom, dad, sis) for Father's Day.  Always fun!  I also hung up a bunch of family photos and "deep cleaned" my living room.  I was going to post a picture but since it is also our play area it is covered in puzzle pieces at the moment!  Sunday I spent cleaning up, hanging with my husband and Grace and doing nothing.

This weeks goals are:

1) Do my quiet time BEFORE starting work each morning.  (Not necessarily housework or chore time but before I sit down to do my job.)

2) Focus on the task at hand.  If it is play time, I want to play with my whole heart.  If it is work time, I want to focus and get it done to the best of my ability.  If it is God time I want no distractions to invade my space.

3) Deep clean 2 more rooms in my house.  Not sure which two, but I'd like to get two more done before the end of Friday night.

4) Purposefully love those around me.  I want to focus on people this week and how I can serve them and be a blessing to their lives.

5) To not let my heart be troubled.  Last week was a rough week in my world and I'm hoping this week with the focus being on the Lord my heart will be stronger and I will see and feel Him all around my and my family as we tackle the daily obstacles that come before us.

Hope you have big plans (or not) for the week!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Simple Sundays 2: House Chores

I am a terrible cleaner.  No really, I mean, I do the surface stuff pretty well when prodded but I AM HORRIBLE at deep cleaning.  No joke.  In fact, I just printed off a list to follow for deep cleaning and just looking at it makes me tired.  (See List Here)  And if seeing it excites any of you, just leave me a comment we'll schedule a time for you to come help :D  Heh heh.

Anyway, I am not a good deep cleaner.  I am also not an organized cleaner.  Often I didn't do laundry until someone in the family was out of some crucial type of clothing OR the baby's basket was overflowing (why that one bothered me more than mine, I have NO idea).  I also know that I have certain "triggers" that set me over the edge.  For me it is dirty counters and dishes in the sink.  I think for hubs it is piles of toys sitting around the house. 

How to solve this problem?  1) Face the fact that at SOME point I am going to have to deep clean my house.  2) Come up with a way to stay on top of the daily stuff without going nuts.   This is what I came up with:

It hits all of the "will go off the deep end" areas on a daily basis, gives me structure for laundry and that madness and even reminds me to clean my child :)  I still don't follow it exactly...for example, I hate to dust so usually I look at the box and think 'eh, next week.  I know it defeats the purpose but dusting...really?  I also re-arrange my schedule based on what is going on.  I know that Saturdays I am not usually home, Sunday is family day and Monday I am catching up with work and I have Bible study so those are my three "easy" days.  Friday I stack the most on because once hubs is at work I figure there is no reason I can't tackle the majority of it.

Anyway, it is not a science but this house chores list certainly makes my life simpler!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Impromptu Photo Shoot

One of my "kids" took these pictures at the park today.  Great pictures!! I love them! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Funny Friday

Last night was night #2 in the big girl bed.  She went to put back in a more to put back in up and looked at put back in up rattled the door ignored...climbed back into bed herself and fell asleep :)

She is also on a VERY serious coloring spree.  These three papers are what she worked on today.  Poor kid only gets 6 crayons at a time because I want to know where those suckers end up and make sure they ALL get put up.  Also had a minor meltdown/stand off when I took the crayons away for coloring on a puzzle and the door frame (they didn't mark but I figure she has to learn).  That part wasn't so fun.  But hearing "coats coats" for colors and seeing her focus on coloring all the way down to the corner does this mama's heart good.

And you're not allowed to make funny of me but this is Baby's sticker chart.  As you can see, 9 weeks to go.  Ok, fine, you can make fun of me...I have a countdown to wedding and countdown to Grace that look exactly like this :)  See that hateful half row at the end?  That is from when they moved my due date from August 11 to August 18.  I still think I'm going to go early but I could be wrong!! :)

Thanks to Candra for making me think about the silly things in life.  Hope you have a fantastic, funny Friday!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #11

SOOO many things to be thankful for this week!

1) Pool Time!
We got to go to the pool last Saturday with the Huff family.  First I love spending time with them - such an encouragement in my life!  Second Grace LOVED it!  We had such a good time!

2) Cookies!
My neighbor brought me a plate of peanut butter cookies!  We have been enjoying them.  It is nice to (finally after four years of living here) get to know our neighbors!

3) 9 Weeks!
31 weeks of healthy pregnancy and into the single digits left to go!  So thankful!

4) Big Girl Bed!
Hubs and I decided to move Grace to a big girl bed (twin bed) instead of converting her crib to a toddler bed or doing two cribs.  I know there will be some challenges (thanks Super Nanny - only had to put her back in bed 3 times for nap today) but last night she did great and she seems really excited about it.  The crib won't leave her room so she'll be ready for when the baby is here!

5) Park Time!
We spent A LOT of time at the park this week! :)  It was fun to catch up with friends, hang out with my kiddo and my parents even dropped by!

6) Story Time!
We went to our first ever story time at the library!  It'll be good to work on sitting still :)

7) Words of Encouragment
It's been a rough week as far as encouragement goes.  I feel weight around me but I am reminded of verses like this from this morning's quiet time: Psalm 62:5 Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.

8) Being Prepared
I'm thankful that I feel completely prepared for this baby to get here.  I feel like there are still a few little things to do but nothing that needs to be done NOW to be ready.  Beds are good to go, I feel mentally prepared, I have some people lined up to help with Grace as needed and I'm excited to meet this little one (and FINALLY tell you all her name!)

9) Family Time This Week
I feel like we have had a lot of family time this week.  Tuesday night we spent time just playing, Grace and I have been able to go parks and on other outings.  I don't know, I just like the feeling of conectedness right now!

10) Protection
I'm thankful that the Lord is able to protect me from myself, to give my family tools to weather the storms and just the peace that comes from knowing HE is in control and I don't have to be.

Be Thankful And Link Up!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I was reading a blog earlier today and the poor woman is getting completely beat up for being faithful to what God has called her to do.  It breaks my heart that her readers feel like she has to explain herself for every life decision regardless of the circumstances.  It is that kind of stuff that makes me want to move to a compound with my like-minded friends and cut off contact with the world (which would probably not be trust or obedience :)

I know that I have gotten many questions about our family - which cracks me up because even before asking about what we think about birth control and what not I get - are you guys going to have 10 kids? are you trying to keep up with your in-laws?  do you watch that show...ya know, the 25 kids show?  It isn't that I mind answering the questions, I just wish they came from an attitude of understanding not of condemnation.  I want to reply: right now I have TWO kids and I am almost 27 years old...what is unreasonable about that?

I think that lately there has been a lot of things that have come in as personal attacks - personal, work, beliefs, whatever that just got me thinking.  I have been called to TRUST and OBEY.  Not rationalize and skirt issues, not over-analyze and be paralyzed, not hide and fall short.  I know I have a long way to go, but for me and all those who have been called to TRUST AND OBEY I pray that we continue our journey without fear of what those around us with think and say. 

 Trust and Obey:
When we walk with the Lord in the light of His Word,
What a glory He sheds on our way!
While we do His good will, He abides with us still,
And with all who will trust and obey.

Trust and obey, for there’s no other way
To be happy in Jesus, but to trust and obey.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I Believe, I Believe

This song just came up on my iTunes.  I first heard it when I was on a mission trip in Mexico with Back to Back Ministries.  Love it!

I Believe - Wes King

I believe
In six days and a rest
God is good
I do confess
I believe
In Adam and Eve
In a tree and a garden
In a snake and a thief

I believe, I believe
I believe in the Word of God
I believe, I believe
'Cause He made me believe

I believe Noah
Built an ark of wood
120 years
No one understood
I believe Elijah never died
Called fire from heaven
On a mountainside


It's been passed down through ages of time
Written by hands of men
Inspired by the Lord
His Word will remain to the end
I believe Isaiah
Was a prophet of old
The Lamb was slain
Just as he foretold
I believe Jesus
Was the Word made man
And He died for my sins
And He rose again

Monday, June 13, 2011

She is growing up!

Hubs and I decided that instead of doing two cribs we are going to move Grace to a "big girl" bed!  I am a little nervous about this transition but Aaron thinks she will LOVE the big girl bed and do just fine with it.  I ordered bedding today (see below) so hopefully we'll start making the move this weekend!  I want to have her in a routine before the baby gets here :) 

Confession Time.

I have had two run-ins with the evil jealousy monster this week.  I HATE IT!  In my head I'm going ME ME ME, MINE MINE MINE but deep in my heart I know that I have everything I need and am already blessed with so much more.  What is it about humans that see something someone else has been blessed with and instead of thinking "that's awesome" we think "what about me?!?".  Frustrating!

I had a long chat with hubs last night about all the wonderful things in our life.  We sat on the porch with a steak grilling and just talked.  It was delightful.  Here are some things that I would not change for all the money or things in the world...

1) I have an amazing husband who loves me and loves the Lord.
2) I have an amazing little girl who is a joy in my life and keeps me grounded :)
3) I have an amazing little girl growing inside of me that I get to meet in just a few weeks!
4) All of our baby "needs" have been provided for by family, friends and garage sales!
5) My family is amazing and loving.  They don't judge my house, my parenting, my lifestyle (OK, they think not being on birth control ever is weird, but whatever!), my friends or my faith.  In fact, they support the vast majority of it.
6) I have everything I NEED.  Not necessarily everything I want, but I couldn't tell you the last time I was forced to skip a meal or be under dressed for the weather because I couldn't afford it.
7) I get to spend my days with my kid, have a full time job and be a homemaker.  (I know, all the same things I sometimes complain about because it CAN be overwhelming).
8) I am blessed with friends that surprise me with little joys.  Everything from my caramel apple parfait from hubs to getting to go see a speaker/write who I LOVE, to a note of encouragement that I keep tucked in my Bible for the days I get discouraged.
9) My house is comfortable and fits our needs where we are now.  I still say I can get at least four kids in the one bedroom before we'd need to seriously consider changes :)
10) A husband who is willing to gently point me toward the important things such as focusing on the joy of where we are and not trying to hold on to the past or the unimportant.  (I am SO not ready to admit my little girl could be ready to move to a big kid bed and out of her crib!)

I hate jealousy and how it can wreak havoc on my heart.  I love that when I confess my jealousy He is faithful to fill me with joy in who I am, where I am and what I am in Him.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Simple Sundays 1: Kids Clothes

I am thinking about doing some posts on ways my family keeps things simples, saves money or ways we don't do either of these things and perhaps look for some advice :)  I think there are ways to live simply without looking like it! :)

The first thing I thought I would tackle is kids clothing!

1) Buy Used When It Makes Sense
I buy used clothing for her (Once Upon A Child, Kidz Again) when it makes sense.  Their prices are NOT always great and the clothing will NOT always last for multiple children which are the things I consider when buying at these stores.  Yesterday I spent $15 on the items above.  The red halter dress was $2.25, the pink dress was $3.50, the jumper $3.25, the shorts and shirt $2.75 and the PJs were $1.75.  The only thing that might not last for multiple kids would be the pajamas but I figure that $1.75 is worth it for Miss Grace :)

2) Watch Clearance Racks
This takes a little more time/effort.  Whenever I am at a store that I know regularly discounts kids clothes I always stop by that section even when it is just a quick trip in.  WalMart and Target have the BEST marked down clothes that I have found so far and Meijer occasionally has some good discount prices.  My favorite score was a three piece newborn set from Target for $2.25 - Carters brand too!  I recently bought Grace and the baby matching dresses for next summer for $5 each...which is more than I like to spend but since they matched and I have a bit of baby fever I did it anyway :)

3) Don't Be Picky
Anytime anyone wants to give me used clothes I take them.  They don't always get to my kid's body - some go to the thrift store, stained things go in the trash but usually if people are willing to give it to you there is some decent stuff in there!  (Always ask if they want them back when your kid grows out of them first...if they do, store the stuff that you don't plan to use).

4) Thrift
I HATE thrift stores for me.  In fact, I hate shopping for me.  I figure I have a hard enough time finding things I like that fit well that I don't want to shop racks of clothes to find the "right" thing then not be able to get it in the right size.  Bugs me!  But for kids it is great!  I comb the racks, find the things in her size and up that will work and we are good to go! 

5) Buy Ahead of the Size/Season You're In
I have conditioned myself to ignore clothing right at the beginning of summer.  That is when all the super cute, bright new clothes come out in all the stores.  Instead I wait a few months and hit the clearance racks.  When I do I MIGHT buy for this season depending on what she already has and what holes need to be filled in, but USUALLY I buy for the next season and a size up.  My kid wears a TON of dresses if you haven't noticed.  They are great for the summer and I usually try to make sure the ones I buy can easily be layered with a long sleeved shirt and tights/leggings for the winter.  Then, buy adding just a few items I have an easy summer or winter wardrobe for her.  Especially now when she is going through sizes so fast the more I have that can just be layered the more sense it makes!

6) Plan Ahead For Special Events
I'll admit it - there is a dress at Once Upon A Child that I pull out EVERY time I am there that I am kind of coveting.  I *think* it would be the right size at Christmas but I'm not sure yet so I haven't splurged (even used it's still out of my normal price range).  Last year I found Grace's Christmas dress in July I believe for around $4.50.  I found her birthday dress last year for about the same price.  (This year's birthday dress was $5.50 I believe).  By keeping in mind special events and picking up pieces at great prices when you see them you avoid the "oh crap I have to get something TODAY that fits and is awesome"...which usually costs $20-$25.

(The dress was $5.50 used, the shoes were "Squeakers" a birthday splurge on for $15 and the hair bow I had custom made to match the dress for $3)

One of my Attic girls recently commented that my kid had a TON of clothes.  And she is right, the girl has more clothes than she really needs BUT I figure if I can keep the cost way down then she can have a little extra!  Like every mom, I want the best for my kid and these are some of the ways I've found to give her the best as far as clothing goes!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Awesome Things To Do On A Saturday

I have gotten a LOT done today.  It has also been my whiney day - I told hubs that I'm starting to feel this pregnacy a lot...mainly in my hips which was to be expected but I don't remember feeling it THIS much with Grace.  Fortunately, 9 weeks 6 days till my due date and I can do it!  I'm a machine ;)

Awesome Things To Do On A Saturday

1a) Wake up BEFORE the kiddo does and lay in bed until she starts babbling.  Listen to her babble until it is obviously she would like to be out of bed.  (Thanks to Stephanie and the Huff kids for wearing her out at the pool Friday night!)

1) Go to Once Upon A Child for their progressive sales event.  I went at 50% off time, got four dresses, shorts and a tee shirt for $15.

2) Go grocery shopping without the kiddo.  I only needed a couple things and fortunately my mom was willing to watch her for this expedition and above said Once Upon A Child madness.

3) Get Chick-Fil-A for lunch, share it with mom and child.

4) Take a nap.

5) Sew two dresses. (insert pictures here...oh wait, I have no idea where my camera is!)

6) Watch Sesame Street or Little House on the Prairie with the munchkin.

7) Go to a graduation party and see one of my best friends who I won't see again until the end of August!

8) Get food ready for church on Sunday!  (Salad bar Sunday, I'm in charge of lettuce, carrots, celery, eggs and I think there was something else)

9) Make coma inducing chocolate fudge.  It's small quantities (and this coming from a chocolate lover)...the recipie is a cup and a half of chocolate chips, a container of chocolate icing and two king sized snickers bars.

10) Watch a Hallmark non-tear-jerker movie.

11) Go to bed at 11! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Funny Friday: Pictures

This week hubs and I took Grace to the park to run around a little bit.  I think parks are the BEST setting for some awesome pictures.  She cooperated for the most part.  He, however, did not.

We finally got a decent one:

Let's see, other funnies.  I have now locked myself out of the house TWICE in a bathing suit with the baby.  Fortunately this last time I had my phone and my dad was willing to come rescue us. 

One of the girls from the Attic had to lead a Bible study.  So she did the "I am the vine" verse and tied in the fruit of the Spirit.  Then at the end she told everyone she had a song to play and to close their eyes and really listen to the words...and played this...I'm such a good influence :)

Finally, in not so funny news I got a text this morning from one of my all-grown-up Attic kids.  She is married and has a one year old...she just found out today she is pregnant with twins!  She is 7 weeks and had an ultrasound this morning...the Doctor said they are in separate sacs and the heartbeats look strong but obviously that is still pretty early.

Also my good friend Mark told me his daughter is pregnant.  This is her third pregnancy and she has not yet been able to carry to term.  She is now 12 weeks which I think is pretty far for her and so far everything is looking good.

If you are a pray-er, please take a minute to lift up those mommas and babies in prayer!

Hope you have a funny friday!!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten #10

Sooo thankful!

1) Thankful for a great Dr appointment yesterday, 30 weeks of pregnancy (10 left!!), and passing my glucose test!

2) I'm thankful for my husband, date night and his awesome sense of humor.  After dinner we went to a friend's house and ding-dong-ditched.  Haven't done that since I was 10.  It was pretty funny.

3) I'm thankful for garage sales, used kid-stuff stores and generous people!  I have already been asked what we need for this baby and after today I think I can honestly say nothing but diapers!  We have been given a crib and crib mattress, we'll use Grace's infant seat then I got a seat today for $12 that she can move into when the baby is ready to move into hers.  I found a booster seat for $5.  And I think that was everything on my mental list :)

4) I'm thankful for time to hang out with my two closest friends this week.  I think we're going to the pool on Friday and then a graduation party on Saturday!  Woohoo!  I haven't seen either of them in awhile so it'll be nice to catch up!

5) I'm thankful for having family so close (I can get to my parent's house in about 7 minutes) for hang out time, babysitting and fun!  It's nice to have them around!

6) I'm thankful for this Christmas-like feeling that is coming over me.  I always said with Grace that having a baby was like knowing Christmas was coming but not knowing what day it was going to be.  As we are getting closer that feeling is starting to grow again!

7) A happy healthy little girl.  She is such a joy!  I do think I need to start some tougher parenting because she does know more than I give her credit for sometimes...more on that later.  But she has such a sweet disposition and I think she is a delightful little girl.  I love when she takes my hand to show me something.  Yesterday she would not stop jumping on was super cute, she loves her mommy!

8) Bible study with one of my girls this week!  It was the first time she led a Bible study and she did a great job!  I know she was nervous but I was so proud of her!!!

9) Lots to do this weekend.  Between hanging out with friends, finally cleaning my bedroom and catching up on the house I have a full list of things to accomplish.  I'd also like to do another sewing project, I just haven't had the time lately!

10) Another day.  I'm thankful when a new day comes and I get to try again to be a good wife, good parent, good friend...I'm glad that although my mistakes are not erased every day feels like a fresh start...a chance to make things right and keep going.  I pray I never take my days for granted.


What are YOU thankful for?  Leave me some comments or link up here:

Monday, June 6, 2011

How I Read My Bible

I haven't posted in a couple days - always makes me feel like a slacker! :) It was a busy weekend.  I made 2 cakes (4 mixes, a tiered cake and a double (the normal homemade size) sheet cake).  Then I decided I hated them and started over.  Lots of cake this weekend.  In that process my house got ignored, my blog got ignored and unfortunately so did my Bible! 

Sooo, since we are doing a study on how to study the Bible on Monday nights AND I'm a Bible reading slacker I figured it'd be a good post.

Here is what I do...

1) Using a Study
Sometimes I use a study guide for reading the Bible.  It helps me to stay focused and the variety of topics keeps me interested.  I am a HUGE fan of Beth Moore and am currently working on her Paul Bible study.  Essentially with this one and all of her 90 day books you read a short section of scripture, answer a couple questions, she elaborates and the gives room for further thought and prayer.  I really like these because I like filling stuff out - it makes me remember what I am learning and makes me put thought into it!

2) Using Shepherd's Notes 
On this one it is more a chapter by chapter study of a particular book of the Bible.  They give an overview of the entire book and then you'd read a chapter the read the corresponding notes.  Think Spark Notes for the Bible.  They also include three questions at the end of each chapter so again, I feel like I learn more when I write down my answers although they are a great reference as well.

3) What is On My Heart
Fortunately I feel like I know the Bible well enough that sometimes I just feel prompted to hit Psalms, or revisit a particular section about a particular feeling/focus/thought that I have at the time.  I am not a fan of the "whatever page the Bible falls open to" approach but when I need to focus on something I have no problem being choosy.

4) Group Studies
Occasionally I'll get motivated to do a group study like Experiencing God but that is still a day-by-day study that you just get together and talk about.  I don't think getting in my Bible JUST once a week is enough for me so I like things that keep me in it during the week.  This one is set up for 5 days a week which would work great for me because I'm terrible about doing quiet time on the weekends.

5) Picking A Verse Apart
Occasionally God will knock me over the head with a verse and I can get it out of my mind.  Then I use sources like to look up the greek/hebrew words, figure out what the originally meant then retranslate it back into what it means to me.  My favorite example is the "Do everything without grumbling and complaing" verse in Philippians.  Did you know that meant EVEN IN MY HEAD?!?!?  That verse just got a lot harder!

For myself I am not a fan of the "read the Bible in a year programs" because I get VERY checklist-y and get so that I may have read it but I didn't spend any time trying to understand it.  I also try to stay away from reading books about God/Christianity/The Bible exclusively because I feel like it is important to read God's word directly too not just what other people think about it.  (That being said I do read those books, but in addition to Bible reading, not instead of).

Anyway, that is an overview of some of the methods that I use to read the Bible.  Usually when I finish a particular study or type of study I move on to something else to make sure I am staying in the word and keeping it varied enough to keep my attention.  Again, I like to write things out but maybe some people would like to draw what they learned - to each his own as long as we are being faithful right?

So, how do YOU study the Bible?


Friday, June 3, 2011

Funny Friday: It's CHRISTMAS!

We recently moved the majority of Grace's toys to the cabinet under the TV.  It helps her get fewer out and keeps them out of sight when she's in bed (and I've remembered to pick them up).  Almost every day she opens the cabinet (which was locked before) and says TOOOOYS!  Like she completely forgot they were in there.  It cracks me up!

If hubs or I are laying on the floor she will lay down next to us and fake snore.  It makes me laugh SO hard!

Lets see, other funnies?  She recently found her shadow and thinks it is the best thing ever. 

And I've changed my mind - I want twins!  I have two almost two years olds entertaining each other in my living room while I type this...almost an hour now and happy as can be!  (Ok, I'm sure it wouldn't ALL be this easy but a girl can dream!).  I'm debating taking them with me to the grocery store...that might kill my little fantasy world.



Thursday, June 2, 2011

Thankful Thursday Top Ten #9

This has been a rough week - Grace has a molar coming in (I think), work has been crazy and I haven't been feeling great.  Nothing wrong with me or baby, just tired, slow and frustrated a bit at my tired slow-ness.  But there were some thankfuls in it all!

1) A baby pool for my cute little girl!  She has been outside in a pool for the past 5(?) days!  Love it!  I wish we had a better pool or play place to take her to, but part of me is hesitant to spend too much time in the sun and part of me always feels guilty for being "away" from my desk during the day.

2) A boss who's wife has been pregnant 7 times so when I start crying during staff meeting because I am THAT mad at a band he doesn't bat an eye.  Gotta love it.  (It was nothing he or anyone else on staff did, a band made me look like an idiot and I was MAD)

3) A buddy for my kiddo tomorrow.  I am watching above said boss (also my father in law)'s youngest daughter tomorrow...she is 6 weeks older than my daughter so I'm HOPING they play well together and I'm able to accomplish everything on my list.  Glad I got most of my errands run today! :)

4) Pot roast.  It smells soooo yummy!  I'm waiting for hubs to get home so we can eat!

(Side note: Pot Roast WAS yummy!)

5) A chance to rock my kiddo to sleep this week.  She's been having a rough week.  She also had a hard time falling asleep tonight so her daddy went in and loved on her for awhile - I love seeing the two of them together.

6) FINALLY took my glucose test.  No results yet but I was glad I found time to do it and that someone was willing to watch my kiddo while I sat in the waiting room :)

7) My adversion to chocolate is over.  I'm so excited I can eat chocolate again.  I know, I'm lame but I really like chocolate.  I'm actually thinking about baking a cake as I type...but then again, the doc already warned me about oreos, I don't want to get another speech next week (my weight gain is still at a healthy place, just a big jump that month).

8) A new baby to prep for!  I feel like I'm ready to go but there are still a lot of little things to do.  Clothes are out, the pack and play is ready, we have a crib and crib matress coming...still worried/concerned about breastfeeding but we'll see how that goes!

9) Sleep.  I'm going to bed early tonight.  It is amazing how that extra hour of sleep keeps me more energized...and with two almost two years olds tomorrow I'm going to need it!

10) And last but not least, 29 weeks of pregnancy!  11 weeks till baby day, 15 weeks till Grace's bday!  (and 9 weeks till my bday!...and 13 weeks till Aaron's bday lol :)

Waking up Frustrated.

I hate waking up frustrated.  And I guess I wasn't frustrated when I woke up but it didn't take me long to get there.  A couple emails of "well, it wasn't MY fault", a daughter who does not like correction, a sink of dishes and a floor that desperately needs swept pushed me over the edge. 

It's my fault.  Well, maybe not all of it.  If I hadn't ignored my chore list again it wouldn't have gotten this bad.  If I hadn't read blogs about moms who's kids clean their house I probably wouldn't have started comparing.  If the emails hadn't felt like a personal attack I probably wouldn't have taken it so personally.  If I remembered that cleaning and organizing were a ministry to my family and not something to check off the dishes probably wouldn't have bugged me.

So, I'm going to set off with a new attitude now.  I will attack my work list and my home list and by the end of today hopefully my mind will be renewed!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grace's Birth Story

I wanted to get Grace's birth story in writing before having baby 2 because I did not want to blur details.  It probably would have been better not to wait two years, but live and learn!

I was at work the night I went into labor.  We got done with the "work" part of the night and were tearing down tables and chairs, cleaning up, etc.  I was having contractions but wasn't sure they were "real"...finally about an hour later (12am on Wednesday morning) I decided I needed to get home, figure out what was going on and get prepared. (I do remember telling one of my coworkers that if I could clean while having contractions he could certainly get off his butt and lend a hand...that must have been the hormones talking).

When I got home and told hubs I thought I was in labor he told me he was going to bed and to wake him up when the contractions were close enough to go to the hospital (this was 5 days after my due date...a Wednesday, I was scheduled to go in to be induced Friday morning).  Of course my paranoid self wasn't sure when I should go so I bounced on the exercise ball, timed the contractions and tried to mentally prepare, walked up the stairs about three times to wake him up but kept turning bag had been packed weeks before :).  Finally I woke him up around 4:30 and told him I thought maybe it was time and he asked if I had called the hospital.  I talked to some on-call Doctor and told him my contractions were about 5 minutes apart.  He said, yes, yes come in you are a-gonna have a baby!  (I have no idea what nationality he was but it made me laugh pretty hard).  So we went into the hospital, did the admissions thing, and went up to be monitored. 

It seemed like we were in there forever but at this point I was NOT leaving without having a kid!  Finally they moved us into a delivery room.  Sometime in the morning - maybe 7am or 8am they started me on pitocin because I wasn't progressing very quickly.  I think around that same time we finally called my mom - we figured we had plenty of time and might as well let her sleep.  I waited until she got there to have an epidural because Aaron specifically said he did NOT want to be in the room when that happened and I did want to go as long as I could without medicine...but I also didn't want to remember just intense pain so I was willing to take the drugs.  It took a half hour or so after she got there to get the medicine - I remember she stood by the monitor when I had a contraction and said "oh my, that was a rough one" or something to that effect...Aaron, quietly, said "yeah, she doesn't really like it when you give her the play by play."  (I had mentioned to him earlier that I could feel them and didn't really need the comments!)  Good husband. 

I started crying like a school girl right before I got the epidural - I think it was just nerves and adrenaline.  I had NO idea what to expect - I also asked the Dr giving me the medicine what the odds were that I would end up paralyzed and every other horror story I had heard.  Then after the medicine kicked in I was good to go!  We sat around talking, preparing, etc.  I did make them turn A Baby Story off on TLC - I didn't think THAT would be a good idea!  They kept telling me I needed to stay on my left side - never said why, only that I needed to lay on that side...and that the epidural medicine was liquid so it might not completely numb my right  (It turned out fine).  It seemed like it took FOREVER for me to dilate but once I got to 5 it went pretty quick.  Finally at 5pm I was ready to push (again, started bawling because I had NO idea what to expect.).  I remember throwing the oxygen mask on the floor because I couldn't breath.  I remember throwing up a little bit of orange jello.  I remember getting REALLY mad at the Doctor and nurse.  Apparently I was supposed to push while they counted to 10 three times for each contraction but I could NOT catch my breath.  Some of the more memorable quotes were..."You get two 'I can'ts' and that was one of them."  "You have to be the mom now, no one else is going to get this baby out."  - These people I thought were nice and my friends got MEAN!  :)   My Doctor also tried to get me to touch the baby's head on her way out which I thought was just odd.

Lets see, finally at 6pm on the nose Miss Grace emerged into the world!  They cleaned her up real quick while I got stitches (I tore pretty bad and by the way, local pain meds would have been welcome...ouch!) and then handed her over to me.  She was BEAUTIFUL!  And I remember thinking that although it hurt a lot and wasn't a walk in the park I would do it again in a heartbeat for this little girl.

Some things they didn't tell me was that she was face up (which I think contributed to the tearing) and that the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck - which was why they had me lay on my left side.  When I was on my back or right side her heart rate dropped significantly.

I will probably come back to and edit this but again, I wanted to get something out before baby 2 is born because I don't want to forget the details or blur them together!