Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I had a post written...in my head...on Sunday.  Yesterday I could not come up with anything worth typing.  Today is just a quick update on life then back to my regularly scheduled programming.

1) Baby
Baby is doing great.  We had a Dr appointment this morning.  Her heart rate is good, my blood pressure is good.  It sounds like she is still butt-down but hopefully by my 36 week appointment will flip over.  (And lets just pray for face down this time too!)

2) Work
Work is going well.  We're doing a $5 Wheat Sale in order to raise money to purchase Bibles.  We are able to get Bibles for $1 each that we can use as handouts for kids at our events or for Bible studies.  We have $155 left to raise!  I'm not sure what our next project will be but I'm super excited that we are almost at our goal on this one!  If you're interested in donating or learning more here is the link:
Harvest Youth Ministries $5 Wheat Sale

3) Grace
Grace continues to do great in her big girl bed!  She found some glass ornaments on Friday night and broke them.  Praise the Lord she was not cut or injured.  She did have some pieces in her mouth (which is bizarre because she normally wouldn't eat something like that) but apparently managed to crunch it up to tiny pieces so no cuts in her mouth and we're assuming (and monitoring for) no internal cuts.  And super thankful to my mom and friends who were able to give me wonderful advice, assure me that I was not the worst mother in the world, and point out what things I should be looking for to monitor her!

4) Hubs
Hubs is awesome :) He emptied the dishwasher for me and did the dishes, ain't he a keeper! :)

That is about it in my world these days.  Babies, work, life - keeps me busy and happy :)


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