Saturday, June 11, 2011

Awesome Things To Do On A Saturday

I have gotten a LOT done today.  It has also been my whiney day - I told hubs that I'm starting to feel this pregnacy a lot...mainly in my hips which was to be expected but I don't remember feeling it THIS much with Grace.  Fortunately, 9 weeks 6 days till my due date and I can do it!  I'm a machine ;)

Awesome Things To Do On A Saturday

1a) Wake up BEFORE the kiddo does and lay in bed until she starts babbling.  Listen to her babble until it is obviously she would like to be out of bed.  (Thanks to Stephanie and the Huff kids for wearing her out at the pool Friday night!)

1) Go to Once Upon A Child for their progressive sales event.  I went at 50% off time, got four dresses, shorts and a tee shirt for $15.

2) Go grocery shopping without the kiddo.  I only needed a couple things and fortunately my mom was willing to watch her for this expedition and above said Once Upon A Child madness.

3) Get Chick-Fil-A for lunch, share it with mom and child.

4) Take a nap.

5) Sew two dresses. (insert pictures here...oh wait, I have no idea where my camera is!)

6) Watch Sesame Street or Little House on the Prairie with the munchkin.

7) Go to a graduation party and see one of my best friends who I won't see again until the end of August!

8) Get food ready for church on Sunday!  (Salad bar Sunday, I'm in charge of lettuce, carrots, celery, eggs and I think there was something else)

9) Make coma inducing chocolate fudge.  It's small quantities (and this coming from a chocolate lover)...the recipie is a cup and a half of chocolate chips, a container of chocolate icing and two king sized snickers bars.

10) Watch a Hallmark non-tear-jerker movie.

11) Go to bed at 11! :)

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