Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I love that picture.  I think my little girl is so funny.  I also love that she can bend completely over to color - I'd fall on my head.  I'm content when she is happy and enjoying life.  I need to be content when she is fussing and giving me a "hard time".  This too shall pass.

I love hanging out with my family.  There is something about watching Hubs and Grace interact that makes my heart happy.  I am content when we are able to spend time together and enjoy each other's company.  I need to be content even when it feels like we don't do this enough because of work, crazy schedules or tiredness.  Again, this time is going to pass quickly and while I want to make sure we are enjoying it, I want to make sure we are enjoying it without nagging or pushing. 

I have an amazing family.  My immediate family delights me.  My husband is loving, caring and provides for me and has taught me so much about love.  My daughter inspires me to be a better me...because even at almost 2 I am starting to see myself in her.  I love that God gave me this reflection to teach me about myself and about the way that He loves me.  I hope I am a reflection of Him.

Enjoy today.  Don't waste it being frustrated with what isn't, be content with what it is!

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