Friday, November 26, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful weekend it has been.  Wednesday was a lazy day.  We did...pretty much nothing.  I hung out with my baby and that's about it.  Some days, I just want to hang out with my kid.  Yesterday I got up with her at 6:30...then she decided to stay in bed so I showered then slept on the couch until 8:30.  We were in the car at 9:30 and on the way to Indiana by 10am.  We had an AWESOME time in Indiana and Grace did awesome.  She was a good listener all day.  Then we came home, hung out with the hubby, had chocolate pie for dinner.  So good.  I love my family.

This was Grace's first art project.  It is now hanging on my fridge.  :)  Delightful.

Alrighty, my brain hurts and I have a lot more to say but I'd like to sleep so I'm going to keep moving instead of typing.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The little things

Good news, I found my password! :D 

I think I'm coming up with a new plan for my life.  I'm sick of the big picture and while I think it's important to have a plan I was reminded yesterday that it is important to be faithful in the little things.  Yes, I need to know what I want to do with my life - but is that any more important than the tone of my voice, how I handle frustration or how I spend my minute?  I don't think so.  I think God really wants me to be faithful in RIGHT NOW.  And once I master this minute maybe I'll get another :)

The past two weeks have been nuts.  Anytime we have a special event with work it throws off my schedule.  It shouldn't, but it is a lot of extra prep and follow up.  My schedule normally looks like this...

Monday: Prep for bingo, bingo, sleep.
Tuesday: Bingo paperwork, staff meeting, a few emails
Wednesday: Panic, emails, get bingo tickets, emails, date
Thursday: emails, start on to-do list from meeting, count bingo tickets at night
Friday: Hope and pray I finish my emails and to do list before the evening.
Saturday: Finish everything I didn't manage to get done
Sunday: Church, keep my office door closed.

I think one day I'll figure out this craziness.  But again, I was reminded Wednesday that I can either worry about getting it all done, or I can just be faithful in right now, do what I can right now and move on.  Hopefully that will always be enough.