Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I Want Them to Remember... (warning: photo bomb)

I was outside the other day, withstanding the heat to the best of my abilities, and thinking "I wonder what the girls will remember about this summer".  I really hope it isn't "mom just wanted to sit on the couch" even though that would be fairly accurate.  At 23 weeks I was measuring 28 weeks and frankly, I'm hot and tired and a bit hormonal :)  I feel great, I just get tired easy.  But what I want them to remember is the fun projects we did and fun places we went...

Coloring life sized "hugs" to send to our Great Grandmas!

Dressing up for a birthday party!
Picking out just the right bacon to wrap for Daddy on Father's Day

Fishing with the family

Hanging out with this awesome man!

Mom taking a million pictures!
Lake time!


Playing in the water and knowing that kids
are washable so go ahead, get dirty!

Cave dwelling!


I want them to remember the fun and anticipation of brothers.  Not all the things we didn't do or couldn't do.  I'm also SO thankful for Miss Sammi who has said once again she'll come over one day a week to hang out with my girls.  It's nice to know that even when I can't be outside for hours on end, they can have that opportunity with her too!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

24 Weeks, Quiet and Life

My mom and dad watched the girls last night so Hubs and I could have some quiet time.  They have been going through a bit of a tantrum phase so we have to figure out how to beat that.  They are still crazy sweet girlies and I certainly wouldn't trade them!  :)

The Boys:
I am 24 weeks tomorrow.  Apparently this is a really big deal because if you go into labor or have preterm issues before 24 weeks doctors are reluctant to try to do anything to save the babies.  At 24 weeks they are considered "viable" so doctors will go to greater measures to help.  I have no preterm labor issues thus far, but am thankful that if something did come up they would pull out all the stops to help the babies.  They both were good at our last appointment and we have an ultrasound on Friday.  The techs have not yet been able to get a good picture of both of them at the same time but I'll try to get something up on here after this appointment.  There was a rumor of a 3D picture of their faces which I'd be excited about!

The Girls:
They've been a bit cranky lately, but maybe it's just my moods rubbing off on them.  Who knows.  We have been swimming, going to the park and playing outside (as much as I can tolerate the heat) and just enjoying our days.  They are getting SO big and it's crazy.  Abi talks constantly and more logically now.  Grace absorbs EVERYTHING and it cracks me up to hear what she has to say.  (Although I did hear her tell Abi she had to take a time out because she didn't listen and obey...occasionally I have to remind her that I'm the mom, not her.)  They are fun!

The Hubs:
So thankful for this man!  He is such a great, patient dad.  He also cooked ME dinner last night which was his Fathers Day meal and overall has just been awesome when it comes to my pregnancy slow down.  He is so good with the girls and it melts my heart!

I feel good but I get tired really fast.  I was doing some work cleaning up a hallway and was ready for a nap :)  Overall I can't complain.  I just have to recognize (and accept) my limits and do what I can when I can.  At my appointment on Tuesday (23w +1) I was measuring what would be normal for 28 weeks and my doctor said to expect it to be obvious I'm having twins from here on out so I'm assuming the slow down will increase at this point.  Everything is measuring well though so I'm pleased that I'm having no issues so far with their growth and development!