Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thankful Thursdays 2015 #1

I'm excited to start doing thankful Thursdays again. I think it is one of those things that helps me focus on the important things and allows me to write, even if just in list form for now! This week, I'm thankful for...

1. A new year, new beginning and a fresh start. I am really happy with how I ended 2014 and I'm looking forward to continue to strive for more in 2015!

2. I am thankful for my amazing husband who keeps me grounded, encourages me and pushes me.

3. I am thankful for my 5 kids, they are amazing and I can't wait to me Isaac!

4. I am thankful for Grace learning to read! It is so awesome!

5. I am thankful for an easy, complications free pregnancy. This is so much easier when I feel good!

6. I am thankful for the ability to work from home and stay with my kiddos.

7. I am thankful for Harvest House and another year in this ministry.

8. I am thankful for the reminders of how God provides each day in amazing ways.

9. I am thankful that we live close to family and have amazing friends.

10. I am thankful that in my 30s I feel like I am starting to figure out and appreciate who God made ME to be.

Join me for thankfuls this year?

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

2014 was an amazing year.  It was filled with so much fun and joy and excitement.  I got to see my two squirmy babies grow into little walking and talking toddlers.  I got to see Grace learn how to read and Abi start developing her little personality more and more.  It was also a really hard year - that's 4 (yes 4) kids to keep track of, a ministry to run, "extra" people in my home to care for, work to do and a house to keep running smoothly.  Oh, and I spent the last third of the year growing baby number 5 who will be here in March/April.  It's been a little crazy around here.

Looking ahead to the next year I don't want to make resolutions, I don't want to choose one word to meditate on for the year - frankly, my attention span isn't that long.  I do want to set some written, attainable goals though that have been on my heart.

1. After baby is born, I want to start training for and run 2 5Ks this year.  If all goes well I might like to try a 10K.  This also means making healthy food choices and working on my struggle with all things sugary.

2. My desire is to only commit to projects, tasks or events that I can focus on enough to do well.  My life is busy.  My season is at home with my kids.  That doesn't mean turning down every opportunity, but to really focus on what is attainable for me and won't leave someone else disappointed.

3. Finally, my goal is to honor my husband and my family by continuing to use some different programs and techniques (more on that later) to make sure my home stays welcoming, clean and enjoyable.  I also will be working hard to make sure that as much as it depends on me, our family stays on budget.

These may not seem like wild, earth changing goals.   I'm ok with that.  I am in the process of raising 4 (soon to be 5) little earth changers and my number one job right now is to train and equip them, as well as the older girls that live with us.  Demonstrating how to do the wife and mom role cheerfully and well equipped by staying in love with the Lord is my calling and I will follow that call with everything I've got!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

To Jacob, on your first birthday!

(Pictures to come)


You are a sweet teddy bear of a little man.  You absolutely love to be held and cuddled, mainly by momma but really by anyone who has their hands free.  You aren't anxious to walk because you prefer to be loved on.  You laugh is infectious and your smile can light up a room - but you definitely make people work for it.  Daddy called you our engineer but you are much easier to make laugh these days!  You are sweet and gentle.  You like to clap your hands when you hear other people clap.  Mama and dada are your only words right now, and we're ok with that!

J, you are such a sweet boy and I hope you never lost that gentleness.  I pray that you would just grow up to fall in love with the Lord and continue to care about and love on the people around you.  You are capable of anything and I can't wait to see who you will become.  Jakey, I am so glad you're mine!


To Levi, on your first birthday!

(Pictures to come)

Levi James,

Oh my goodness how I adore you.  You are such a sweet little guy and always quick with a smile.  You have an amazing little personality that just makes people light up.  You are quick, strong and you definitely know what you want (aggressive is the word Papa used)!  You are already taking a few steps walking and getting better at it every day!  Your favorite food seems to be quesadillas and apples although you'll eat almost anything.  You do NOT like sippy cups although we're working on that.

Little man, I hope you are always so cheerful and quick with a smile.  You have a little dimple that people just fall in love with and you have a way with making people just delight in you.  I told you moments after you were born that my prayer was that you would love the Lord and treat girls how they ought to be treated.  I continue to pray those things over you and can't wait to see the little boy you become!

Love you,

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

To Grace, on your 5th Birthday


I have so enjoyed watching you grow little girl!  You are getting to be such a big kid!  You told me today that you're 5 so you're big now and that makes you happy happy happy!  You have such a sweet spirit and you LOVE to be a helper.  You are always so quick to ask me for jobs when you see me working on projects around the house.  You are great at doing the dishes and vacuuming!

I love that you want so badly for people around you to be happy.  You like to make sure everyone is included!  Your favorite things to do these days are play board games with mom or Abi.  You LOVE when Daddy takes you on fishing dates (or really to do anything!). 

Bug, I love your heart!  I love how smart you are and how thoughtful you are.  You are growing and learning so much and I can't wait to see how you continue to grow and how you'll impact this world! 


For your birthday dinner you asked for:
 Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread, broccoli

For your birthday cake you asked for:
 Chocolate - although tonight we are skipping cake and getting ICE CREAM at Youngs! :)

Your favorite toys are:
Candy Land, your Elsa doll and play dough

You don't like:
Being told you can't help or not being included in things.