Saturday, October 4, 2014

To Levi, on your first birthday!

(Pictures to come)

Levi James,

Oh my goodness how I adore you.  You are such a sweet little guy and always quick with a smile.  You have an amazing little personality that just makes people light up.  You are quick, strong and you definitely know what you want (aggressive is the word Papa used)!  You are already taking a few steps walking and getting better at it every day!  Your favorite food seems to be quesadillas and apples although you'll eat almost anything.  You do NOT like sippy cups although we're working on that.

Little man, I hope you are always so cheerful and quick with a smile.  You have a little dimple that people just fall in love with and you have a way with making people just delight in you.  I told you moments after you were born that my prayer was that you would love the Lord and treat girls how they ought to be treated.  I continue to pray those things over you and can't wait to see the little boy you become!

Love you,

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