Wednesday, May 29, 2013

21 Weeks, My Girls and More

It's been quiet around here.  I actually told my husband yesterday after a few days of not feeling great that I just wanted to sleep and not talk to anyone.  Today I feel better so figured I should jot down a few notes!

The Boys:
I am 21weeks and 2 days now.  I had an ultrasound last Friday.  They are 15oz each and 61st percentile.  (Read: I have HUGE babies)  I'm not sure what this will do for due dates...I'm hoping early but safe early - I'd rather keep them in if they need the time!  We shall see.  So far everything is looking great so I'm just getting really excited.  I've gained 11lbs so far which seems to be good (Dr is happy) so not bad!

The Girls:
They are getting over some summer colds so it has been a rough few days around here.  Today they seem to be in better moods so that's always more fun!  We did an art project to send to the great grandparents.  I had them lay down on paper (waist up) with their arms spread wide so we can "send hugs".  I saw it on a blog this morning and seemed like a great way to keep them busy while I cleaned up a bit.

The Hubs:
I have the best Hubs.  While I think he thinks I'm crazy, I think he is starting to get my crazy.  (For example, I cannot stop thinking about the things we need to prepare for these babies...which isn't much and could ALL be purchased by him while I'm in the hospital if need be...NOT a big deal, but it's stressing me out!)  Anyway, he has finished redoing our kitchen and bathroom floors.  I'm loving it!  He also set up our pool so I'm pretty pumped for the water to warm up a bit and then live in the pool.

I'm good. I am feeling a bit whiny although it is mainly just uncomfortable.  I don't take a lot of belly pictures but I think now I'm about the size that I am toward month 7-8.  My stomach is huge and heavy and some of my maternity clothes already don't fit!   We do a lot of clothes sharing so I've got a bucket to dig through to find some bigger sizes.  Other than that I am stressing about stupid things like pacifiers, closet arrangement, newbie photo props and bottles and the not so little things like breastfeeding, sleeping arrangements and how my girls will transition.  Prayer.  :) 

This has still been my easiest pregnancy so far so I am trying to not complain (or whine) because I know how very blessed we are.  I am so thankful for these boys and cannot wait to meet them!  Oh, and if I haven't shared, their names will be Levi James and Jacob Daniel.  :)  So crazy to see it in writing!

On with life - my goal is to get as much accomplished today as I can because I know tonight is date night with my man and I'll get to relax!! :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #94

What a week!  On Tuesday Hubs and I talked about tearing out carpet and tiling the kitchen and dining room floors.  On Wednesday I had no carpet.  He is not a procrastinator.  I spent yesterday at my parents house and am spending the night again tonight.  Last night they were at my sister's house so it was just me and the girls...seriously felt like I was in the most luxury hotel EVER. Tonight it was fun to hang out with them and so nice to let my mom help calm Abi down when she was having a rough bed time.  And anyway...on with my thankfuls...

1. Thankful for an amazingly sweet text tonight from a woman I am blessed to call a friend.  We do not live close but I am grateful for her wisdom and gentleness.  I have loved watching her family grow and grow up and love her transparency in both successes and failures. 

2. I am thankful for my sweet man who has worked non stop.  I am so excited about these floors but at the same time I just love how much he loves his family.  I am proud to be his wife.

3. I am thankful for people who do good deeds in secret and are so humble and generous.

4. I am thankful for my girls both sleeping in big girl beds and doing a great job.  They really do well at night (still working on bed time).

5. I am thankful for our garden being dug up and hopefully we'll get some plants in soon :) 

6. I am thankful for time with friends, honest conversations and joy.

7. I am thankful for babies and celebration and Mothers Day but also the reminders to love on those who want but can't have babies, those who have lost babies and those who are not yet at that part of their life.

8. I am thankful for my momma.  Her honesty and love for people as well as her compassion.  She is such a strong woman and I hope that I turn out like her!

9. I am thankful for my parents opening their house for me and the girls while Hubs is working so hard on our floors.

10. I am thankful for the babies who are starting to kick me more and more.  I cannot wait to meet these boys and while it seems like it will be overwhelming at times, I know God is in control and His grace is enough!

Are you thankful this week!?

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Thankful Thursday Top Ten #93

So many things to be thankful for!

1. I am thankful for all the cleaning and organizing that I got done yesterday.  Super tired today.  The boys now have a closet (which I think my mother is trying her best to fill - she is so fun!) and the girl's closet actually has some space in it.

2. I am thankful for Hub's hard work on our house.  He has just been going to town on repairing, cleaning and improving and I'm so blessed!

3. I am thankful for my Dr appts and ultrasounds scheduled every two weeks (each is 4 weeks apart, they just happen to fall every two weeks) so I get to see/hear my boys frequently.

4. I am thankful that we are not keeping these boys' names a secret!  That was soooo hard!

5. I am thankful for my Hub's because when I say, whatever you want, you're the boss - I can say it knowing he will make a great decision for our family.

6. I am also thankful that my Hub's asks for my input :)

7. I am thankful that Abi slept like a champ in a big girl bed last night and for nap today.  (Although twice I went in last night and her, her pillow, Elmo, her cup and blanket had squished into the bottom shelf of the changing table...weird)

8. I am thankful for impromptu Daddy & Daughter dates - I'm not even sure where they are off to but I get some quiet time!

9. I am thankful for my "Big Kids" (read teens that I love and consider family) and how sweet and helpful they are.

10. I am thankful for my best friend flying home a week from today after being gone for MONTHS!

11. I am thankful that Morgan graduated from BGSU!  I'm so proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She gets to move to Michigan and be a big kid and I am so pumped for her and proud of her!!