Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post #150

Who would have thought I'd come up with 150 things to say...not all of them interesting, but 150 either way! :)

This has been a busy week!  The Monday night Bible study is going great.  I am so proud of those girls and their decision to be a part of it.  I'm looking forward to this week.  We're talking about lies, how we hear them, entertain them and become a part of them.  It'll probably be convicting for me too!  :)  Gotta love that!  Speaking of which, I should probably get some lies written out for them soon so we can dissect them!

The rest of the week has been a blur of no naps, sickness, finger paint, laughter and busyness.  I am learning to be anxious for nothing!  Really though, I have found after having Abi I am having some issues with anxiousness I thought I had beat in high school.  I think the cause here is different than the cause there (then it was mainly doing stupid stuff and hoping I didn't get in trouble for it...nothing too stupid though!).  Now it just seems like I get fixated on what HAS to get done that I forget that it either probably doesn't HAVE to get done or that I still HAVE to be nice in the process :)  I'm working on it.  I think it is interesting how even at 27 I continue to discover new things about myself.

I decided to take a week off from Facebook.  I still need to use it for work and to communicate with my Princess Girls but I'm going with no status updates or pictures for a week (it'll end Friday).  I just don't want to get so attached to things you know?  I'm not telling anyone (except ya'll) - I just want to quietly take a break and make sure I'm focusing on the important stuff.  More blog posts instead?  I'll try! :)
On to better subjects.  Christmas shopping!  Can I tell you, I am LOVING Christmas shopping for Grace this year.  It is so much fun to think about things she would like.  For example, my Grandpa was in the Air Force.  My kid LOVES planes right now.  Soooo, perfect fit - They could get her a toy plane!  (They asked for ideas, I'm not suggesting anyone is being told to get my kid something or specifically what they should get.)  She loves to color - I am going to get her a big drawing pad and more finger paints because that was just fun!  She might even get markers...ok, not feeling that brave!  Cars, bubble bath, shirts, playdoh - all on the list.  The problem is I have most of her presents bought and two more months of "oh she'd love that" ahead of me! :)

I'm also still trying to work in a weekend of applesauce making.  So far it hasn't worked out and life isn't looking like it is going to slow down any time soon.  I have been spending my evenings pricing jewelry for our thrift store - the new location is going to have it's grand opening THIS Saturday (please pray it all gets done and it goes great!) and it is busy busy busy!  I am also making postcards, banners and other random items!.  Honestly, loving it although on top of everything else it means my Hubs is gone more and more random stuff for me.  Ah well.  I just say I'm getting my ODAR hours in (other duties as required).

My little girl (Abi) is smiling like CRAZY now!  She loves her daddy - I'm so excited about that.  I got a little over zealous and put her in her "My Daddy Rocks" outfit today.  It was too big so I had to change her :)  And Grace is starting to get to pick out her clothes (from carefully preselected options).  It's so much fun to see them grow.  Grace has been such a doll lately even while suffering from severe diaper rash that is just starting to clear up.  Ugh, poor thing.

Ok, that was my crazy Sunday ramblings.  I have a ton of projects I want to get done (but nicely and not anxiously) so I'm going to go tackle the one I can now then make a list and check them off as I can! :)


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #29

I am most thankful that I finally feel better today and don't want to throw up every time I look at my computer screen.  I get really weird headaches that make me really sick.  Its been a long day.

1. I am thankful that at 8 weeks after a baby I fit into my skinny jeans again!  I am not where I want to be as far as weight (actually, the number is less important that the level of jiggly-ness...was that too much information?) but I got them on and they fit right so that's a victory!

2. I am thankful for friends.  I had a rough week with the kiddos and life but I have a couple AWESOME friends that just speak wisdom in my life in the moments I need it and for them I am so thankful!

3. Dual monitors. That way when Grace HAS to be in my office and HAS to be on my lap she can watch Barney on YouTube and I can still get stuff done!

4. My father in law who has 10 kids.  I said I have been sick to my stomach.  He asked if I was pregnant.  Such is my life. :)

5. My big girl!  The window above our door is rainbow shaped.  She pointed the other day out of nowhere and said. "rainbow. rainbow. rainbow!"  Took me awhile to get it since I had never heard her say rainbow before.  She is a smarty pants.

6. My baby started smiling real smiles!  Ok, that probably should have ranked above skinny jeans.  And Barney capabilities.  (See picture at least I was smart enough to lead with the picture!)

7. Getting to see my kids wearing the same clothes.  Soooo crazy!
Grace is on the left :)

8. Bacon, eggs and french toast.  Yep, haven't eaten all day and that is dinner.  I'm excited.

9. Hubs who cooks me Chicken Florentine and plates it pretty! (The dark part is spinach)

10. A few quiet minutes to sit and be thankful.  :)

11. This made me laugh.  From one of my "big kids":
"someone asked me if going to a party was a good idea. I almost gave an answer, but all I could come up with was "if you wouldn't want Beth to know-its probably not a good idea. and God always knows anyways." I chuckled..."

Sunday, October 23, 2011

One of those days...

Yesterday was one of those days.  You know the kind?  The ones you want to remember every moment of to look back on.  The kind that warms your heart, makes you feel like a good mom and reminds you of all the fun that can be had in the crazy. 

The day started out routinely enough.  We got up, watched some cartoons and played.  Hubs got up and joined us for a bit and we just enjoyed each other's company.  Then Morgan came over and we got to play with her!  Grace took a nap and I got to have a real adult the middle of the day...on a SATURDAY!

Later we ate lunch then packed up to head out.  We were NOT going to waste this beautiful day in the house.  To the park we went and it was one where everything was her size!  Grace had a blast playing on the slides and swings and running.  At one point I was feeding Abi and a wonderful Grandma asked if it was ok if she lifted Grace into the swing.  YES, and thank you.  Then her 5 year old granddaughter asked if she could push Grace's swing while I finished feeding Abi.  YES, and thank you.

When we had to leave there were no loud protests, no crazy cries.  Just what bites do you want when we get home?  NUGGETS!  So we came home and had chicken nuggets.  Then a bath.  The first bath in WEEKS that hasn't been a fight.  Finally, my freshly cleaned two year old and my teeny tiny love snuggled on the couch to watch Sesame Street.  Oh how I love the times it works out that my arms and lap are big enough for both of them at once.  I love holding my girls.  Then it was off to bed without a peep. 

Abi and I watched a movie.  But her smiles were so distracting I had to pause it and just let her smile at me for 20 minutes.  I love her toothless grin.  I got one of my big projects for the weekend done during our movie time too. 

I loved yesterday.  I love my girls.  I love when I decide that it's ok to do the "hard" thing because they will love it.  When I remember babies are portable and the weather isn't going to be nice long.  Those are the days that I feel like a great mom and I go to bed thinking lets do that again tomorrow.

I loved it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I'd never... Funny Friday

I read a blog where she denies having ever done things that are just too awful to admit to.  I figured I'd give that a shot today.

- I would never take a picture of my daughter because of her overly dramatic response to not being able to watch Barney. 

- I would certainly never respond to a message my husband sent that read "that's sad" when learning about the tv issue with said picture of child with a caption that says "no, this is sad."

- I would never put a poopy diaper between a window and the screen because it was the middle of the night and I didn't want to go all the way back downstairs to put it outside.

- I would certainly never forget about said diaper so it has been sitting the rain...for the better part of 24 hours.

- I'd never forget that I got $1000 from the bank to put in an ATM machine so it was just sitting on my kitchen counter.  I'd also never load my kids in the car, in their PJs, drive to work, make someone sit in the car with them and run in to fill the ATM while there are 300+ kids in the building.  Yep, that's safe.  (Disclaimer: the person in the car I know and trust...just the waltzing around with $1k seemed like a bad idea)

- I'd never complain about the stack of work I have to get done then sit at my computer and write a blog post...and then blame it on the fact that I can't get Outlook to work.

:D  Happy Friday.

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #28

I complain all weekend about how some of my favorite blogs don't have updates (mainly because I like to read them during that late night feeding to stay awake) and then I realized I have been really lame in posting the past week.  Ah well :)

1. I am thankful that Abi is sleeping sooooo well!  She usually eats around 9/10, falls into "night" sleep at 11ish and then is out until 6am or so.  Today she slept until 7am.  I tend to make noise if I wake up during the night to see if she'll wake up to eat (I'm THAT mom) but so far she's stayed pretty solidly asleep.

2. I am SO thankful for my husband.  I know I talk about him every week almost but the man works SO hard for our family and I am so blessed to have him in my life.  We just got our date nights back to ourselves last week after Abi was born and it is such a blessing to just spend quality time with him and KNOW that it is coming.  I never have to ask if we are going to spend Wednesday nights together - I know I get that time.

3. I am sad that our TV died.  Thankful I didn't have to watch Barney today :)  We have another tv we could move but I'm interested to see how long it takes before Grace stops asking.  And yes, I did take a picture of her horrible sad face when the TV didn't turn on...trying to decide if that makes me a terrible mom or not :)

4.  I am SO thankful that my work day (which starts around 1pm) started with a cup of coffee and Bible study prep.  I love looking through the book, picking out key points, imagining the crazy things the girls are going to ask, and seeking wisdom for how to speak truth into their lives so they comprehend it.

5.  I am thankful I get to see Miss Morgan this weekend!  I miss my friend!  (She is an awesome student at BG and is a wonderful young lady!)

6.  I am thankful that as my "big kids" grow up and need me less it appears I am getting some new big kids in my life.  I "adopted" two girls when they were around 14...they were best friends and ALWAYS at our teen center.  They are now 21 and doing great things (although they still call me in the middle of the night when they can't figure out the directions to assemble their bookcases) and I have a whole new group of young girls to work with.  I'm hoping a couple of them end up being super close with our family like the original two did. 

7. I am thankful for the holiday season.  I LOVE October/November/December not so much because I know Christmas and gifts for me are coming (although lets face it, I like that too) but because I love to think about each person, what they would want and then find it at an awesome price.  I love when I get just the right thing - that makes me happy.

8. I am thankful for words that seem like they were written just for me.  At Life In A Shoe she is talking about getting project done with little ones running around (she has 10 kids)...needed this today: Yes, everything goes faster and better when you can focus, but this is real life and you are a mom. Live it, learn it, love it. This is your life.

9. I am thankful for all the people who write thankfuls and link up (see link below) so that I can read what everyone is thankful for.  It makes me happy to know that we all took at least a few minutes to just be glad.

10.  I am thankful for God's provision.  I love how He comes through in unexpected ways and provides for me and my family again and again.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekly Update

I'm giving myself 5 minutes.  Then it is work time.

It is has been a busy week.  Grace decided not to nap yesterday.  That always makes for a harder day.  She tends to be grumpy because she didn't sleep.  I tend to be grumpy because I have a pile of work to do that I didn't get to.  Frustrating.  Fortunately she played in my office after her "nap time" and then Hubs played with her a little bit before I left for the evening.

I went to the Family Christian Bookstore to get another book for Bible study.  We have 10 girls wanting to participate!!  So exciting!  While I was there I picked up a fiction book off the clearance rack that looked really interesting marked $4.95.  When I got to the counter the lady said it rang up on super clearance...for $.50.  AWESOME.  Then I went to Once Upon A Child and got a pair of jeans and three shirts for says "Daddy is my Prince" which I loved.  Anyway, one shirt was 50% off...but she hit the wrong button and rang it all up at 50% off.  THEN she said, ah well, it's your lucky day.  Again, willing to pay the marked price, but I'll take the deal too!

More important stuff - Bible study was AWESOME.  We had 9 of the 10 girls there last night.  It is amazing to me their family backgrounds, the raw emotion they have and their willingness to lay it all out there.  I don't want to share too much of their personal information but 8 of the 9 girls have single parent homes, a couple of them have NO relationship with the parent they don't live with.  One girl lives wherever friends will let her sleep...she is 15. 

If you think of it, pray for us on Monday nights.  It is an awesome opportunity to get to speak truth and love into these girls lives.  It is my favorite part of what I get to do and I can't wait to see how God works through this Bible study.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Funny Friday

- Me getting IN THE CAR for date night.
"My shoes feel really weird....    ....oh, they're on the wrong feet."

- Convo while I'm in the bathroom finishing up makeup
Hubs: "Hon, are you ok?"
Me: "Huh?"
Hubs: "Did you have a problem?"
Me: "What are you talking about?"
Hubs: "Your phone is in the middle of the kitchen floor."
Me: "Yeah, I missed the counter.  Didn't feel like picking it up"
Hubs: Very loud laughter.

- Convo @ my parents house.
Me: "Grace, do you want a pretzel?"
Grace: "YES! A TREAT!"
Mom: (under her breath) "Dang, didn't know pretzels counted as a treat."

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #27

Not a great picture of me...but wanted to illustrate the ONLY way
my baby will sleep for any length of time!  (Note bag of STUFF and box
of books in the background that is leaving...YEA!)

1. I am thankful to be getting rid of stuff! (See last two posts, more to come)
2. I am thankful for an awesome date night with my Husband. Noodles and Company followed by That Crepe Place. A nice stroll outside. So wonderful - I love my husband.
3. Being told I "look great" and it not followed by "for just having a baby".  :) I got some new jeans that make me feel super cute so I'm loving it!
4. The blessing of wonderful kids. Even on their "bad" days they are still sweet children.
5. My mommy. I love that she leaves nearby, she loves my kids and she stays calm when I'm emotional! :)
6. My daddy. I love watching him play with the kiddos. I love knowing if my husband is ever unavailable there is always someone else ready to help me!
7. Bible study! We had our first info group on Monday and have 8-10 girls that want to participate! So excited! Now I just have to raise $250 per girl to cover their workbooks, new Bibles, and fancy night out!  We do hair, makeup and get a limo ride to a fancy dinner to reinforce the idea they are Princesses!
8. Marveling at the things my little girl learns everyday.  I don't know where she picks it all up but it is so fun!  She is now REALLY into planes!
9. Christmas dress! Abi has a Christmas dress that Hubs bought for Grace her first Christmas. He surprised me with it too!  I found Grace's dress last Monday...for $3.50!  Looooove it!

It has a velvety top, red bow on front with ribbon that ties in the back and slight "bubble" skirt!
It looks even better on her and NOT on my car seat! :)
10. Learning to take things a day at a time, a moment at a time.  I tend to get stressed about things that aren't here yet but I'm learning to control that!

Also, I generally don't do stuff like this, but my family works in ministry. We are missionaries right here in Ohio to teens and their families.  We need to raise 50% of our support by the end of the year.  If you have a heart for teens please check out our family page!  The website is undergoing some revamps but I would love to share with you about what we do and why!  Thanks for taking the time to read that and my thankfuls! 

Leave a comment or link up with your Thankfuls here:

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Goodbye "Stuff" Project: Why I Accumulate Stuff

The Goodbye Stuff Project Continues: 1/2 bag, pile of books taller than me
(The bags are leaving, the stack of books are leaving, the books on the shelf STAY! :)

I was thinking today about how things come into my life.  And thought I'd just hit on some of the major reasons.

1. It was free (or close to it).
I am a sucker for things that are free.  Anything really - bags, books, shoes, clothes, toys, stuff. I like free.  That's not to say free is always bad - anything that is currently or soon usable is fine. Free STUFF for the sake of having STUFF is the problem.  I often have clothes that are given to me that I just won't wear.  Why do I let it in? Because one day I might have the right occasion or one day I might fit it...NO. Not doing it anymore. If it is not CURRENTLY usable or soon usable in the case of kid items I'm not letting it gather dust.

2. Just wanted to shop.
Things come to my house sometimes when I just want to shop. If I'm honest I do this most when I'm angry - I just buy stuff sometimes. I think it gives me control over something but like all control outlets, it isn't healthy.  I didn't even think about this one much until I started writing the post but I do buy things just for the sake of it on occasion (not often and not expensive stuff, but stuff nonetheless).  This is probably something that now that I've realized it about myself I need to pray and think about.

3. The best intentions...
I love containers. The problem is they always seem to get filled with something. I read a book about home organization that said never buy a container until the area is cleaned out, you know specifically what it is going to be used for and you have measured the space. Otherwise you'll end up with a container in some random place with random things in it. These items are either not important to begin with or you buy again because you forget which container they are in or that you even have them.  Over organization and lack of organization have the same result in my house.
These bins each hold diapers...purple for Grace, pink for Abi. 
I want to get two more to hold their PJs and similar "rewear" type items
but haven't gotten around to it yet.  A great example of make a plan,
measure and wait for the right container.

4. It seemed like a good idea
I often have genius ideas for things in my house. Picture walls, closet organization, kid friendly things - but I don't always think them through.  If I took more time to plan the project I wouldn't end up with random things that I don't need when the project takes an unexpected turn.

5. I let myself get talked into it
This happens to me a lot with clothes. I hate walking out of a store knowing that I thought it looked good there but I'd never be brave enough to wear it in public.  I'm not good with styles and trends. If something does not logically "go together" for an outfit I will never get there on my own.  I feel like I still need to learn MY style, even at 27 years old and stopped getting talked into things that just aren't me.

 The closets are another decent example of make a plan, measure THEN buy.  Both sides of the closet are identical.  Each girl has a hanging rack.  The drawers for Grace hold shoes, sock and books she can't be trusted with (paper pages).  Abi's holds shoes, socks, onesies and sleepers.  We have hair bows hanging on the back closet wall now and will be adding nails for each girl to hang their "next day" outfit.  Planning ahead saves me SO much time in the morning if we are in a hurry to get somewhere.

The coat rack on their door was a $1 find at Target that cleared up a lot of space and functions EXACTLY as I need it to!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Goodbye "Stuff" Project

I am in the process of simplifying. I don't like getting rid of things that could be useful one day. I may have an end purpose in mind but for the most part it is just a habit of accumulation. I'm done with it.

Sunday I cleaned out the master bed room. I cleared out 3 bags of stuff I didn't want or need from my closet and dresser. 3 bags! I also sorted out my 3-6 month clothing bin and got 1/2 a bag of clothes I would never put Abi in...and I have a full bin left!

I don't need a recipe binder and a recipe box! I don't need "reference" books from college that I have not referenced once since I graduated. I certainly don't need books that I have never cracked open, inherited from my parents, just because they are books! I'm done with it. Out it goes one room or area at a time.

Why? Because I have a relatively small house and I want there to be room for the things we want to enjoy. I want to teach my kids not to accumulate "stuff". And I want to enjoy a room when I walk into it without a mess because things are laying around.

So far the goodbye "stuff" project has 7 bags of stuff out of my house! I find I'm actually enjoying the process, reliving some memories but letting go of things that have no real attachment. More to come!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Project Thankful Week: Friday

My final day of Project Thankful's been a good week!

I am thankful for one of my best friends being in town this weekend!  YEA!  She finally gets to meet Abi and we get to hang out!

I am thankful for a semi-clean office!  Makes the work thing easier :)

I am thankful for chicken that actually turned out well for dinner (I am TERRIBLE at cooking meat).

I am thankful for being able to dye my hair tonight.  No this is not "technically" my natural was close to my natural natural color is teen-induced-gray-streaked.  Lets not talk about that.

I am thankful for the quietness of evenings to pause and unwind.

I am thankful the bread pudding is gone so it can no longer tempt me.  (Ok, it IS gone because I ate it all but it can't tempt me now so that counts right?)

I am thankful for friends in other states, other countries, other cities and other walks of life and the wonderful collection they all bring to my life!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Project Thankful Week: Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #26

I have been trying to focus on being thankful all week! :)

1. I am thankful for a week of thankfuls!  (I've done a minimum of 5 Mon-Wedn because my Hubs told me I needed to be more cheerful...lovingly)

2. I am thankful for a full work board.  It means we have a lot of big upcoming events at the teen center which both bring in money to pay the bills but more importantly give us the opportunity to get involved in kid's lives!

3. I am thankful that my Grandpa is home from the hospital and doing well. 

4. I am thankful that we start our new "Princess Program" Bible study next week!  It is a 15 week Bible study with teen girls where we just get to teach them and love on them.  Then we get them all dressed up fancy, do their hair and make up and take them out to dinner in a limo!  It is AWESOME.

5. I am thankful for my little people!   Abi is 12 pounds now!  ACK!  (She was 9lbs 8oz at birth 5 weeks ago)

6. I am thankful for meal planning...and having it thrown out the window because Hubs cooked ME dinner instead - that was awesome.

7. I am thankful we serve a loving and understanding God. 

8. I am thankful for a Husband who loves his daughters.

9. I am thankful for sales racks, inexpensive but adorable clothing and great deals!

10. I am thankful that I feel less self conscience after this pregnancy than I have so far...not completely uninhibited, but less of a need to be perfect.

Project Thankful Week: Wednesday

This has been fun!

Thankful for...

 Homemade baby sling working well! (Will try to find someone to take a picture)
Time with a friend I don't get much time with.

Play time at the park with Hubs and the girlies.

Hardwood floors in Grace's room...this makes sliding her across the floor when she falls asleep by the door so much easier.

My chore list back in place. I haven't stayed 100% "on time" but it is mostly all getting done and makes cleaning less stressful and overwhelming!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Project Thankful Week: Tuesday

1. I am thankful for being able to pack up the majority of my maternity clothes!  (even though some of my clothes are still not wearable) (Although upon inspection of my non maternity jeans I found I have sizes 6-12...think that is excessive?)

2. I am thankful for errands getting easier with my daughters and the wisdom of getting them out of the house everyday! 

3. I am thankful for my husband (and really looking forward to our "family" date night tomorrow.  I think we're going to the op! :)

4. I am thankful that I get to see one of my best friends this weekend.  She is seriously like a sister to me and I CANNOT wait to see her.  She has been overseas and we've only talked twice in the past month...we usually talk 3-4 times a week!

5. I am thankful for my "kiddos" (attic kids, technically adults at this point I suppose) who are now old enough (and trustworthy enough) to babysit, don't mind being paid in cheesecake and still think I'm cool to hang out with :)

6. I am thankful for parenthesis and "..."  - I may over use them.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Project Thankful Week: Monday

Thankfuls on Monday!

I am thankful for Grace’s beautiful smile and delightful laughter.  Nothing beats tickling a 2 year old!
Emails from friends I haven’t seen in a long time!  I love my friends!
Coffee…wow, I’ve gotten SO much done today!
My baby girl’s red hair!
My insanely dirty house…and knowing that it WILL all get done…eventually.

Homemade bread pudding.
Homemade baby sling.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Week In Recap

Funnies for the week:

- Grace has no working knowledge of an "inside" voice.  The kid is just loud.  She woke up the other night screaming - happy as a clam, but SO loud.  I went downstairs and told her she needed to stop yelling and go back to sleep. 

- Later in the week we were in the car and Abi was crying.  Grace put her little finger up to her mouth and said SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.  It made me laugh....a lot.

- I put footie pajamas on Grace last night for the first time this year.  She thought this was amazing.  She was laying in her back with her feet in the air, holding her feet going "wow".  So cute!

This has been a crazy week.  Husband called me on my crankiness yesterday (with love) so my goal for next week is at least 5 thankfuls per day.  We'll see how it goes.  I love my kiddos...I just don't have enough time while they sleep to get all my work done, all the house work done, and breathe!  :)  It's all good though.

Abi has a diaper rash that doesn't want to go away and we're still dealing with thrush.  I keep forgetting to treat it after she eats so that isn't helping any...and it wakes her up when I rub baking soda in her mouth so that's no fun either.  It is DEFINITELY better though (and since I never actually finish these posts when I start them the diaper rash is gone now too).  So far today she has spit up on two outfits and peed on one.  Ha ha, this girl is out to get me!  Grace actually played with some of her activity bags today.  She is also getting MUCH better with being gentle with Abi so I'm excited about that!

Hope you are having a great week!  Enjoy it, they go by too fast!