Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Goodbye "Stuff" Project: Why I Accumulate Stuff

The Goodbye Stuff Project Continues: 1/2 bag, pile of books taller than me
(The bags are leaving, the stack of books are leaving, the books on the shelf STAY! :)

I was thinking today about how things come into my life.  And thought I'd just hit on some of the major reasons.

1. It was free (or close to it).
I am a sucker for things that are free.  Anything really - bags, books, shoes, clothes, toys, stuff. I like free.  That's not to say free is always bad - anything that is currently or soon usable is fine. Free STUFF for the sake of having STUFF is the problem.  I often have clothes that are given to me that I just won't wear.  Why do I let it in? Because one day I might have the right occasion or one day I might fit it...NO. Not doing it anymore. If it is not CURRENTLY usable or soon usable in the case of kid items I'm not letting it gather dust.

2. Just wanted to shop.
Things come to my house sometimes when I just want to shop. If I'm honest I do this most when I'm angry - I just buy stuff sometimes. I think it gives me control over something but like all control outlets, it isn't healthy.  I didn't even think about this one much until I started writing the post but I do buy things just for the sake of it on occasion (not often and not expensive stuff, but stuff nonetheless).  This is probably something that now that I've realized it about myself I need to pray and think about.

3. The best intentions...
I love containers. The problem is they always seem to get filled with something. I read a book about home organization that said never buy a container until the area is cleaned out, you know specifically what it is going to be used for and you have measured the space. Otherwise you'll end up with a container in some random place with random things in it. These items are either not important to begin with or you buy again because you forget which container they are in or that you even have them.  Over organization and lack of organization have the same result in my house.
These bins each hold diapers...purple for Grace, pink for Abi. 
I want to get two more to hold their PJs and similar "rewear" type items
but haven't gotten around to it yet.  A great example of make a plan,
measure and wait for the right container.

4. It seemed like a good idea
I often have genius ideas for things in my house. Picture walls, closet organization, kid friendly things - but I don't always think them through.  If I took more time to plan the project I wouldn't end up with random things that I don't need when the project takes an unexpected turn.

5. I let myself get talked into it
This happens to me a lot with clothes. I hate walking out of a store knowing that I thought it looked good there but I'd never be brave enough to wear it in public.  I'm not good with styles and trends. If something does not logically "go together" for an outfit I will never get there on my own.  I feel like I still need to learn MY style, even at 27 years old and stopped getting talked into things that just aren't me.

 The closets are another decent example of make a plan, measure THEN buy.  Both sides of the closet are identical.  Each girl has a hanging rack.  The drawers for Grace hold shoes, sock and books she can't be trusted with (paper pages).  Abi's holds shoes, socks, onesies and sleepers.  We have hair bows hanging on the back closet wall now and will be adding nails for each girl to hang their "next day" outfit.  Planning ahead saves me SO much time in the morning if we are in a hurry to get somewhere.

The coat rack on their door was a $1 find at Target that cleared up a lot of space and functions EXACTLY as I need it to!

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  1. You never cease to amaze me. I love reading about this project because it makes me want to clean. lol!!