Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Goodbye "Stuff" Project

I am in the process of simplifying. I don't like getting rid of things that could be useful one day. I may have an end purpose in mind but for the most part it is just a habit of accumulation. I'm done with it.

Sunday I cleaned out the master bed room. I cleared out 3 bags of stuff I didn't want or need from my closet and dresser. 3 bags! I also sorted out my 3-6 month clothing bin and got 1/2 a bag of clothes I would never put Abi in...and I have a full bin left!

I don't need a recipe binder and a recipe box! I don't need "reference" books from college that I have not referenced once since I graduated. I certainly don't need books that I have never cracked open, inherited from my parents, just because they are books! I'm done with it. Out it goes one room or area at a time.

Why? Because I have a relatively small house and I want there to be room for the things we want to enjoy. I want to teach my kids not to accumulate "stuff". And I want to enjoy a room when I walk into it without a mess because things are laying around.

So far the goodbye "stuff" project has 7 bags of stuff out of my house! I find I'm actually enjoying the process, reliving some memories but letting go of things that have no real attachment. More to come!

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