Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #27

Not a great picture of me...but wanted to illustrate the ONLY way
my baby will sleep for any length of time!  (Note bag of STUFF and box
of books in the background that is leaving...YEA!)

1. I am thankful to be getting rid of stuff! (See last two posts, more to come)
2. I am thankful for an awesome date night with my Husband. Noodles and Company followed by That Crepe Place. A nice stroll outside. So wonderful - I love my husband.
3. Being told I "look great" and it not followed by "for just having a baby".  :) I got some new jeans that make me feel super cute so I'm loving it!
4. The blessing of wonderful kids. Even on their "bad" days they are still sweet children.
5. My mommy. I love that she leaves nearby, she loves my kids and she stays calm when I'm emotional! :)
6. My daddy. I love watching him play with the kiddos. I love knowing if my husband is ever unavailable there is always someone else ready to help me!
7. Bible study! We had our first info group on Monday and have 8-10 girls that want to participate! So excited! Now I just have to raise $250 per girl to cover their workbooks, new Bibles, and fancy night out!  We do hair, makeup and get a limo ride to a fancy dinner to reinforce the idea they are Princesses!
8. Marveling at the things my little girl learns everyday.  I don't know where she picks it all up but it is so fun!  She is now REALLY into planes!
9. Christmas dress! Abi has a Christmas dress that Hubs bought for Grace her first Christmas. He surprised me with it too!  I found Grace's dress last Monday...for $3.50!  Looooove it!

It has a velvety top, red bow on front with ribbon that ties in the back and slight "bubble" skirt!
It looks even better on her and NOT on my car seat! :)
10. Learning to take things a day at a time, a moment at a time.  I tend to get stressed about things that aren't here yet but I'm learning to control that!

Also, I generally don't do stuff like this, but my family works in ministry. We are missionaries right here in Ohio to teens and their families.  We need to raise 50% of our support by the end of the year.  If you have a heart for teens please check out our family page!  The website is undergoing some revamps but I would love to share with you about what we do and why!  Thanks for taking the time to read that and my thankfuls! 

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  1. love the baby pics. so precious! that is the only way my youngest would sleep for awhile. :) yay for getting rid of stuff!!