Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post #150

Who would have thought I'd come up with 150 things to say...not all of them interesting, but 150 either way! :)

This has been a busy week!  The Monday night Bible study is going great.  I am so proud of those girls and their decision to be a part of it.  I'm looking forward to this week.  We're talking about lies, how we hear them, entertain them and become a part of them.  It'll probably be convicting for me too!  :)  Gotta love that!  Speaking of which, I should probably get some lies written out for them soon so we can dissect them!

The rest of the week has been a blur of no naps, sickness, finger paint, laughter and busyness.  I am learning to be anxious for nothing!  Really though, I have found after having Abi I am having some issues with anxiousness I thought I had beat in high school.  I think the cause here is different than the cause there (then it was mainly doing stupid stuff and hoping I didn't get in trouble for it...nothing too stupid though!).  Now it just seems like I get fixated on what HAS to get done that I forget that it either probably doesn't HAVE to get done or that I still HAVE to be nice in the process :)  I'm working on it.  I think it is interesting how even at 27 I continue to discover new things about myself.

I decided to take a week off from Facebook.  I still need to use it for work and to communicate with my Princess Girls but I'm going with no status updates or pictures for a week (it'll end Friday).  I just don't want to get so attached to things you know?  I'm not telling anyone (except ya'll) - I just want to quietly take a break and make sure I'm focusing on the important stuff.  More blog posts instead?  I'll try! :)
On to better subjects.  Christmas shopping!  Can I tell you, I am LOVING Christmas shopping for Grace this year.  It is so much fun to think about things she would like.  For example, my Grandpa was in the Air Force.  My kid LOVES planes right now.  Soooo, perfect fit - They could get her a toy plane!  (They asked for ideas, I'm not suggesting anyone is being told to get my kid something or specifically what they should get.)  She loves to color - I am going to get her a big drawing pad and more finger paints because that was just fun!  She might even get markers...ok, not feeling that brave!  Cars, bubble bath, shirts, playdoh - all on the list.  The problem is I have most of her presents bought and two more months of "oh she'd love that" ahead of me! :)

I'm also still trying to work in a weekend of applesauce making.  So far it hasn't worked out and life isn't looking like it is going to slow down any time soon.  I have been spending my evenings pricing jewelry for our thrift store - the new location is going to have it's grand opening THIS Saturday (please pray it all gets done and it goes great!) and it is busy busy busy!  I am also making postcards, banners and other random items!.  Honestly, loving it although on top of everything else it means my Hubs is gone more and more random stuff for me.  Ah well.  I just say I'm getting my ODAR hours in (other duties as required).

My little girl (Abi) is smiling like CRAZY now!  She loves her daddy - I'm so excited about that.  I got a little over zealous and put her in her "My Daddy Rocks" outfit today.  It was too big so I had to change her :)  And Grace is starting to get to pick out her clothes (from carefully preselected options).  It's so much fun to see them grow.  Grace has been such a doll lately even while suffering from severe diaper rash that is just starting to clear up.  Ugh, poor thing.

Ok, that was my crazy Sunday ramblings.  I have a ton of projects I want to get done (but nicely and not anxiously) so I'm going to go tackle the one I can now then make a list and check them off as I can! :)


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