Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #29

I am most thankful that I finally feel better today and don't want to throw up every time I look at my computer screen.  I get really weird headaches that make me really sick.  Its been a long day.

1. I am thankful that at 8 weeks after a baby I fit into my skinny jeans again!  I am not where I want to be as far as weight (actually, the number is less important that the level of jiggly-ness...was that too much information?) but I got them on and they fit right so that's a victory!

2. I am thankful for friends.  I had a rough week with the kiddos and life but I have a couple AWESOME friends that just speak wisdom in my life in the moments I need it and for them I am so thankful!

3. Dual monitors. That way when Grace HAS to be in my office and HAS to be on my lap she can watch Barney on YouTube and I can still get stuff done!

4. My father in law who has 10 kids.  I said I have been sick to my stomach.  He asked if I was pregnant.  Such is my life. :)

5. My big girl!  The window above our door is rainbow shaped.  She pointed the other day out of nowhere and said. "rainbow. rainbow. rainbow!"  Took me awhile to get it since I had never heard her say rainbow before.  She is a smarty pants.

6. My baby started smiling real smiles!  Ok, that probably should have ranked above skinny jeans.  And Barney capabilities.  (See picture at least I was smart enough to lead with the picture!)

7. Getting to see my kids wearing the same clothes.  Soooo crazy!
Grace is on the left :)

8. Bacon, eggs and french toast.  Yep, haven't eaten all day and that is dinner.  I'm excited.

9. Hubs who cooks me Chicken Florentine and plates it pretty! (The dark part is spinach)

10. A few quiet minutes to sit and be thankful.  :)

11. This made me laugh.  From one of my "big kids":
"someone asked me if going to a party was a good idea. I almost gave an answer, but all I could come up with was "if you wouldn't want Beth to know-its probably not a good idea. and God always knows anyways." I chuckled..."

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