Saturday, October 4, 2014

To Jacob, on your first birthday!

(Pictures to come)


You are a sweet teddy bear of a little man.  You absolutely love to be held and cuddled, mainly by momma but really by anyone who has their hands free.  You aren't anxious to walk because you prefer to be loved on.  You laugh is infectious and your smile can light up a room - but you definitely make people work for it.  Daddy called you our engineer but you are much easier to make laugh these days!  You are sweet and gentle.  You like to clap your hands when you hear other people clap.  Mama and dada are your only words right now, and we're ok with that!

J, you are such a sweet boy and I hope you never lost that gentleness.  I pray that you would just grow up to fall in love with the Lord and continue to care about and love on the people around you.  You are capable of anything and I can't wait to see who you will become.  Jakey, I am so glad you're mine!


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