Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What I Want Them to Remember... (warning: photo bomb)

I was outside the other day, withstanding the heat to the best of my abilities, and thinking "I wonder what the girls will remember about this summer".  I really hope it isn't "mom just wanted to sit on the couch" even though that would be fairly accurate.  At 23 weeks I was measuring 28 weeks and frankly, I'm hot and tired and a bit hormonal :)  I feel great, I just get tired easy.  But what I want them to remember is the fun projects we did and fun places we went...

Coloring life sized "hugs" to send to our Great Grandmas!

Dressing up for a birthday party!
Picking out just the right bacon to wrap for Daddy on Father's Day

Fishing with the family

Hanging out with this awesome man!

Mom taking a million pictures!
Lake time!


Playing in the water and knowing that kids
are washable so go ahead, get dirty!

Cave dwelling!


I want them to remember the fun and anticipation of brothers.  Not all the things we didn't do or couldn't do.  I'm also SO thankful for Miss Sammi who has said once again she'll come over one day a week to hang out with my girls.  It's nice to know that even when I can't be outside for hours on end, they can have that opportunity with her too!

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  1. I love these pictures and your effort to make meaningful memories! Your girls, and boys are lucky to have you, lady.

    PS. I love that they use their chairs!! :)