Friday, November 26, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving!

What a wonderful weekend it has been.  Wednesday was a lazy day.  We did...pretty much nothing.  I hung out with my baby and that's about it.  Some days, I just want to hang out with my kid.  Yesterday I got up with her at 6:30...then she decided to stay in bed so I showered then slept on the couch until 8:30.  We were in the car at 9:30 and on the way to Indiana by 10am.  We had an AWESOME time in Indiana and Grace did awesome.  She was a good listener all day.  Then we came home, hung out with the hubby, had chocolate pie for dinner.  So good.  I love my family.

This was Grace's first art project.  It is now hanging on my fridge.  :)  Delightful.

Alrighty, my brain hurts and I have a lot more to say but I'd like to sleep so I'm going to keep moving instead of typing.

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  1. i remember when Nation drew a smiley face i thought "i can't believe i have such a kid and not just a baby anymore"