Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #12

Here are my thankfuls!

1) 8 weeks left!
I always say I'm not going to complain because I am absolutely stoked to have and meet this kiddo but I am definitely ready for this baby to be out of me :)  She can stay in as long as she needs to in order to be healthy...but if she wanted to come early I wouldn't complain much :)  Maybe all she really needs to do is drop, it'd be nice to breath again!  (Ok, and this made me laugh off a message board: Hey - we're 8 months pregnant. We're fat, we're sweaty, we're sore. Things are happening to my body I've only seen in horror movies.)

2) Bed time ease!
I love that my little girl knows when she needs to rest.  She usually goes very easily into her room/bed.  She doesn't always sleep right away but she seems to know when she needs downtime which makes bedtime and naps much easier on me!

3) New phone!
I got a new work phone!  It is a pretty inexpensive one so doesn't have all the cool gadgets and whistles...but the camera works so when I have this kiddo I can post some pictures!  Yea!

4) On schedule house cleaning!
I think I am on-schedule as far as my weekly cleaning goes.  I plan to finish two more rooms "in depth" this weekend (not super looking forward to it) but hoping to get in the "this is for baby" mood and just get it done.

5) Moms who keep it real!
I've read a couple blog posts recently about keeping it real as a momma.  We were people before we had kids and are people with kids now - not "just" mom as some people tend to label us or we label ourselves.  And NONE of us have perfect angel children...always nice to know :)

6) An awesome team!
I have a great team on my side when it comes to work, Bible study and life!  I'm excited to have the opportunity to work with these ladies and spur each other on!

7) Beth Moore
I have always had issues with Paul - I'm not sure why but I don't think I ever read much of what he wrote in the Bible with the same attitude he had when he wrote it.  After doing the Beth Moore "Paul" study I feel like I understand him a LOT better! 

8) Photo wall!
I'm so excited to have pictures up on my wall finally!  Hubs let me do whatever I wanted and I love the way it turned out!

9) Free time tomorrow!
One of my good friends is going to watch Grace tomorrow morning/afternoon.  I will probably clean and take a nap :)  So excited!  She has three kids of her own - her youngest boy is going to marry Grace :)

10) Ovaltine
Ok, I know stupid right?  But I LOVE Ovaltine!  I drink at least one glass a day.  It started with Grace because I usually had a mocha in the morning but wanted to cut out caffeine.  After I had her it didn't make sense to just switch back to caffeine so I stuck with Ovaltine...I ran out the other day and was using chocolate syrup to make my morning was GROSS.  Hubs got me a new container of Ovaltine last night and I am one happy camper :)

I feel like, again, I have been in a hormonal funk the past two weeks.  I think there are just a lot of things weighing on my brain right now from baby to work needs to caring for Grace to mentoring kids to focusing on relationships to taking care of myself.  I am thankful for those of you who have continued to encourage me and spur me on.  I always like to call it when I know I am acting irrationally because of hormones and PMS and I think that is really the majority of what the funk has been - but I also know that regardless of the cause if I don't turn it over to the Lord I am not doing anyone any favors.

Do you have thankfuls?  Write 'em down and link up! (Or just leave me a comment with your thankfuls, even if there aren't 10!)

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  1. loved your thankfuls.

    i think exercise helps when you're having a surge of un-wanted extra hormones, if you aren't already, just do a little workout video or take a walk---i remember, stinky!

    that's so funny what they said about horror movies lol

    keeping in real girl!