Thursday, June 2, 2011

Waking up Frustrated.

I hate waking up frustrated.  And I guess I wasn't frustrated when I woke up but it didn't take me long to get there.  A couple emails of "well, it wasn't MY fault", a daughter who does not like correction, a sink of dishes and a floor that desperately needs swept pushed me over the edge. 

It's my fault.  Well, maybe not all of it.  If I hadn't ignored my chore list again it wouldn't have gotten this bad.  If I hadn't read blogs about moms who's kids clean their house I probably wouldn't have started comparing.  If the emails hadn't felt like a personal attack I probably wouldn't have taken it so personally.  If I remembered that cleaning and organizing were a ministry to my family and not something to check off the dishes probably wouldn't have bugged me.

So, I'm going to set off with a new attitude now.  I will attack my work list and my home list and by the end of today hopefully my mind will be renewed!

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