Friday, June 17, 2011

Funny Friday

Last night was night #2 in the big girl bed.  She went to put back in a more to put back in up and looked at put back in up rattled the door ignored...climbed back into bed herself and fell asleep :)

She is also on a VERY serious coloring spree.  These three papers are what she worked on today.  Poor kid only gets 6 crayons at a time because I want to know where those suckers end up and make sure they ALL get put up.  Also had a minor meltdown/stand off when I took the crayons away for coloring on a puzzle and the door frame (they didn't mark but I figure she has to learn).  That part wasn't so fun.  But hearing "coats coats" for colors and seeing her focus on coloring all the way down to the corner does this mama's heart good.

And you're not allowed to make funny of me but this is Baby's sticker chart.  As you can see, 9 weeks to go.  Ok, fine, you can make fun of me...I have a countdown to wedding and countdown to Grace that look exactly like this :)  See that hateful half row at the end?  That is from when they moved my due date from August 11 to August 18.  I still think I'm going to go early but I could be wrong!! :)

Thanks to Candra for making me think about the silly things in life.  Hope you have a fantastic, funny Friday!!

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