Sunday, June 19, 2011

Simple Sundays 2: House Chores

I am a terrible cleaner.  No really, I mean, I do the surface stuff pretty well when prodded but I AM HORRIBLE at deep cleaning.  No joke.  In fact, I just printed off a list to follow for deep cleaning and just looking at it makes me tired.  (See List Here)  And if seeing it excites any of you, just leave me a comment we'll schedule a time for you to come help :D  Heh heh.

Anyway, I am not a good deep cleaner.  I am also not an organized cleaner.  Often I didn't do laundry until someone in the family was out of some crucial type of clothing OR the baby's basket was overflowing (why that one bothered me more than mine, I have NO idea).  I also know that I have certain "triggers" that set me over the edge.  For me it is dirty counters and dishes in the sink.  I think for hubs it is piles of toys sitting around the house. 

How to solve this problem?  1) Face the fact that at SOME point I am going to have to deep clean my house.  2) Come up with a way to stay on top of the daily stuff without going nuts.   This is what I came up with:

It hits all of the "will go off the deep end" areas on a daily basis, gives me structure for laundry and that madness and even reminds me to clean my child :)  I still don't follow it exactly...for example, I hate to dust so usually I look at the box and think 'eh, next week.  I know it defeats the purpose but dusting...really?  I also re-arrange my schedule based on what is going on.  I know that Saturdays I am not usually home, Sunday is family day and Monday I am catching up with work and I have Bible study so those are my three "easy" days.  Friday I stack the most on because once hubs is at work I figure there is no reason I can't tackle the majority of it.

Anyway, it is not a science but this house chores list certainly makes my life simpler!

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