Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I hate when I'm flipping channels on the TV and I catch something that just shakes up my little world.  It was a music video of a little girl waving at a grouchy man in a fancy sports car - then you see the little girl's parents fighting - then you see the van they are in flipped upside down.  I stopped watching at that point.

I think this year it is going to be vital to remember what is important and why.  I remember reading a book that said my attention first needed to go to the things only I can do.  Only I can be Grace's mom.  Only I can be my husband's wife.  Only I can fill many of the roles in my home.  And I intend to be intentional about that this year.  Once again, it breaks my heart to think of the kids who's parents don't spend time with them or who don't understand their value.  It breaks my heart to think of the times I've been frustrated or short fused with my husband or daughter - that time is valuable and it doesn't come back. 

This year I will love those around me, I will work hard to help provide for my family and I will fill first the roles that only I can fill. 

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