Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some things stop being cute.

No, not my daughter.  She is always cute - even when she smears yogurt all over her face (which admittedly wasn't cute at the time...I had Bible study in about an hour, she needed a bath and my house needed to be picked up.)

Ah well.  I ran a bath for her while I warmed up my dinner then ate in the bathroom while she played in the tub.  Whatever works :)  It is moments like this where I think I'm a fairly laid back mom and roll with the punches.  Other times, not so often! 

Ok, so what stops being cute?  Asking people if their pregnant when you're older than five.  I had two different women stop me Monday night and ask me if I was pregnant.  SOOOO irritating.  I wanted to say, no, are you?  But thought that was overly mean so I just said "no, I'm not...if I was I would have let you know."  Not cute people, not cute.

I have a few more hours worth of work to do tonight so I'm going to get off here.  Keep in all in perspective - that is my moral of the story for today.

1 comment:

  1. i actually laughed out loud when i saw her picture, ha ha. adorable.

    rude people. i get asked all the time. you are skinny, people shouldn't ask you...losers. sorry.