Sunday, March 3, 2013


I'm currently writing this from my new work station in the living room.  Pumped.  My living room makes it look like adults live in the house too - not just kids.  It's kind of amazing.  My books are in here (although I do wonder if people are going to question how many copies of "Every Young Woman's Battle" a girl actually needs...I used them for a Bible study, but it makes me laugh).  The office is mostly cleared of office stuff.  Hubs will take the desk and filing cabinet to the thrift store this week and then we'll get finished stocking it with toys. I do realize the novelty will wear off but the girls played SO well in there this morning.  I was quite pleased.

I think this morning Hubs and I are both paying for all our hard work last night.  I definitely am feeling a bit bleh this morning but its the first time I've had real issues so I can't complain AT ALL.  I'm so thankful for Hub's hard work and all the changes we made.  I think he is nesting as much as I am :)

I'll post pictures soon once the rest of the office furniture is out!

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