Thursday, March 7, 2013

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #90

This week has seemed to be all about settling into a new routine.  I finally have a written schedule for work that covers all of my hours so I'm not desperately trying to get a few done here and there.  Hubs and I also finished the playroom so that has been great for the girls and has helped make the whole house feel calmer.  All in all a pretty good week!

Around the Playroom!  We also added a TV in there too.

I keep calling it my "grown up" living room!

1. I am thankful for the playroom being done, being useful and keeping the girls' attention!  They are loving the freedom and I'm loving not having toys all over my living room.

2. I am thankful for Monday's cooking 'spree' of roasted chicken, chicken broth and jelly.  Monday was productive so Tuesday I did pretty much nothing :)

3. I am thankful for naps.  I try to rest each day for just a bit and I'm thankful for the difference it has seemed to make in my energy level.

4. I'm thankful that I don't feel like I'm at war with my body during this pregnancy.  I have been much less sick and tired then in the past so I'm grateful for that.  (I have given myself permission to talk about it on here since few people read these, but it still isn't Facebook Official :)

5. I am thankful for a wonderful date night with my husband last night at a delicious Italian place nearby.

6. I am thankful for two surprise visits during the day from friends this week and the freedom to say "yes, come on over!".

7. I am thankful for encouragement and wisdom from friends.  It is always nice to know I'm not in this life thing alone!

8. I am thankful for Bible study that is hopefully starting SOON!

9. I am thankful for quiet peace.

10. I am thankful for family breakfasts every morning this week sitting around the table.  Potentially the best start to any day!

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  1. Morgan SchneiderMarch 7, 2013 at 3:33 PM

    It looks great!! And yay pregnancy!!