Friday, March 29, 2013

Pregnancy #4

Yup, Pregnant.  That word never fails to amaze me.
(We are still not 'facebook official' so no comments on there please!)

Stole from an Etsy site.  I've seen these on
CafePress though, going to buy it one of these days!

So first, let's recap.

Pregnancy 1: Miscarriage at 7 weeks.  Can't wait to meet this baby one day!
Pregnancy 2: Miss Grace born Sept 2009.  Hard pregnancy, hard birth but totally worth it!
Pregnancy 3: Miss Abi born August 2011.  Easier pregnancy, easy birth totally worth it!
Pregnancy 4: Due October 7, 2013 far so good!
                 ...and yes, this is about 2 weeks after Grace's Birthday so they'd all be about 4 weeks total span depending on actual arrival dates.

Here is the timeline so far.

January 24th:
Took a +/- pregnancy test.  When Aaron got home I told him I had taken a test but the results were inconclusive at best.  So I went out and bought a digital test. 

So that answered that question.  I did the obligatory nurse visit where they asked questions about every family member I know exists.  Turns out we're a pretty healthy bunch so that doesn't take too long.  I left and was schedule for an ultrasound a week or so later for dating purposes.

February 14:

Yes, this is my actual ultrasound with my information cut off.
Happy Valentines Day!  Assuming all goes well, in October time frame I will have a four year old, a two year old and two newborns.  I CANNOT WAIT!  I'm sure there will be feelings of "oh my goodness, how is this going to work?!?"  and "Can I do it?!?" but right now I'm elated and hoping to ride out the happy hormones as long as I can!

We are currently praying for healthy and strong babies (because there are TWO!) and calm and joyful hearts for Aaron and me.  I tend to worry, especially having lost a baby early before, but right now I just feel so much peace that God is in control. 

I never expected this.  It was such a fun surprise and a great Valentine for both of us!  Physically the first hour of my day is rough with morning sickness, but compared to previous pregnancies that is not bad at all!  If I remember to get up and eat something right away I can usually cut the uncomfortable time down to about 15 minutes.  During the day I eat CONSTANTLY and not because I'm using the "I'm eating for THREE" excuse but because I am legit hungry pretty much every couple of hours.  I generally eat "real" food (hamburger, spaghetti, chicken and rice) but in small portions to help keep it healthy and not snacky.  I have not really gained weight as far as I can tell (still hanging out at -14 my "starting point" when I was working on losing weight) but I feel as though my pants have begun to betray me.  Ah well :) 

I'm so excited to be on this journey, still prayerful about it all and trusting in the Lord for His perfect will.

Today is the first day I haven't really felt that well.  I think so far this has been the easiest pregnancy and I'm really looking forward to going to the Doctor just to get confirmation that everything is good.  God has definitely used people in just the right moments to say "We're praying" and asking how my heart is.  I'm so grateful He does not forget us.  Hubs said he had a dream we had twin boys.  We asked Grace if she would one day want a brother or sister.  She said, without thinking about it much, TWO brothers.  Who knows!  I live in a house of prophets :)  Can't wait to find out - that'll be about 11 weeks out as I am 9 weeks on 3/4.

Yesterday we had the 12 week ultrasound and both babies are growing strong!  Heartrates are 157 and 160.  They are measuring slightly ahead of my due date (and I'm ok with that!).  I cannot wait to meet these little people.  God is so good!

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