Saturday, August 3, 2013

30 Weeks....Moving...Life

First, a question.  If I sit here and stare at the blank page long enough will the words write themselves?  How about if I stare at the piles of things around our house, do you think they'll pack themselves?  No?  Well...alright then, good thing I have 7 hours of kid free work time today!

The Move
We are currently preparing for a move to a home where we will be house parents for up to 4 teen girls.  We could not be more excited although there is SO much to be done.  Our move date is in 6's coming soon!  (You can read more here:  In the future I will probably post from there to here as well, keeping this one for personal and ministry and that one strictly ministry.  Cannot wait.  Pray for the young lady that is currently living there as you think of it.  We know and love her but transitions can be rough!

Two Men and A Truck is donating the move for our family so while we are packing we thankfully will not have to actually do the move ourselves.  The local franchise collects donations for Harvest House every year and has been such a blessing.  I can't wait to get to know them better!

The Pregnancy
I am currently 30w +5 (30 weeks, 5 days for those of you who don't follow pregnancy shorthand) with 65 days to go - who's counting?  :)  The boys are doing great.  I continue to get fantastic updates at the doctor's office and ultrasounds.  I have two ultrasounds left and a handful of Doctor visits and the boys should be here!  Right now Baby A is breech and Baby B is head down so we are praying that Baby A flips since current positioning would require a C-section.  Either way, I want them here healthy and safe so I'm fine with whatever needs to be done! 

The girls love talking to and about "Brothers" and are excited to meet them.  I think Grace is going to make an excellent second mother and Abi...well, hopefully she will play nice since she now has someone smaller than her to pick on :) 

PS, all my 3D pictures are on my phone so if you want to see them, shoot me a text! :)  We aren't really sharing them online :)

The Girls
Grace got to go to VBS for the first time this year!  She LOVED it and tells me frequently she is very sad she doesn't get to keep going.  She learned some fun songs and I love listening to her sing to the Lord!  I pray her heart stays soft and she just continues to fall in love with Him.  Abi and I got to spend some quality time together and just had a fantastic week.   I was also shown a homeschool program that I think would work with Grace right now, requires very little prep and might be a good way for her and I to get some "alone" time each day.  We will see - I'm making no plans until the boys are here and I feel un-crazy.

The HubsThis man works HARD.  That's all I have to say about it - he has been working more hours, prepping the house for the move and to be rented and has taken on everything I can't do.  Oh, and he is preaching on Sunday!  I'm so proud of him.  He never fails to amaze me.

I'm so excited about all the things coming up and all the things that we are looking forward to.  I am just praying that God continues to speak clearly and purposefully in my life so I don't miss His direction.  For now, our current family "motto" is BE BOLD.

Proverbs 28
The wicked flee though no one pursues,
but the righteous are as bold as a lion.

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