Thursday, October 7, 2010


Today I was reminded that if I don't make the time to spend with friends it will never happen.  That casual "lets get together" is usually a nice way of saying "I intend to invest in our relationship if you'd be so good as to remind me."  I need to make sure that I make definite plans...even if they need to be changed at least it is more tangible. 

I'm inspired by my friends and family.  I love watching other people and seeing how they don't wait for life to prompt them to go out and do something - they just go out and do it.  Whether it is figuring out how to home school their kids, arranging a trip to an apple orchard, move to a brand new city to pursue a dream or deciding that today is the day to declutter the entire house.  This weekend, I am doing a major project on Saturday...and I can't tell you what it is because it is a surprise for someone :)

Three Goals For The Next Month:
1. Take more pictures and actually do something with them.
2. Make plans with friends.
3. Work during nap time, after bedtime and when other people are watching her and use that awake time to enjoy my daughter, not to stress about all that is not getting done.

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  1. SOMEHOW I totally missed the you-started-a-blog memo!!!!! girl! you have to tell me these things. you should do thankful thursdays and link up so people can read your awesome stuff.

    you might like making digital scrapbooks...easy enough

    thanks for always making time for me!