Friday, October 8, 2010

It's the little things...

Today I'm reminded to stop and smell the roses...or at least stop and smell the outdoors :)  I usually stay home during the day simply because if I miss nap time, I miss work time.  But today we went to the park and played, and visited, and laughed and it felt good.  I think this will be the hardest year as far as balancing the baby and life - mainly because she requires constant supervision.  I'm hoping that as she grows up it'll get easier (but lets face it, I'm also hoping for more babies so who knows how that will all work out!). 

I love that face.  This weekend I want to get my house clean...again.  I think that is what I say every weekend.  I think it would be very nice to pack up everything I own and then re-move in.  I feel like I could clear up a lot of clutter that way.  Perhaps not - but it seems like it would help.  This weekend for sure: laundry, kitchen, and baby's room.  I am also going to make lots and lots of applesauce.  :) 

Three Things That Make Me Smile:
1) My family and friends (so that's a lot more than three, but it's my blog so I'll do what I want!)
2) Applesauce :)
3) Organization or at least the appearance of!

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  1. yes, this is a very hard phase...she will grow out of it. you're doing a great job and working from home with children is never easy. you'll find your flow. she's gone from not being mobile to walking and getting into everything. soon, she'll be smart enough to know you don't do certain dangerous things.

    baby gates have really helped us. so that our kids are in a safe place to play while we need to do other things and or even if we're sitting in there with them, it helps from keeping them from running off into trouble