Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #54

I AM THANKFUL!  This has been a long, hard couple of weeks.  To put it gently I've been hormonal and I have had a LOT going on.  But man, I am thankful.

1. I am thankful for our new mini-garden out the back door!

2. I am thankful that Abi is such an easy-to-bed, easy-to-rise kid!

3. I am thankful that the girls let me get in 2 hours of extra work time this morning while still getting to hang out with them!

4. I am thankful for the moms at our church and in my life and our playdates!

5. I am thankful for the knowledge that the Lord is faithful, all the time.

6. I am thankful for the accountability that teaching a Bible study brings.

7. I am thankful for my dear friends who understand me!

8. I am thankful for family dinners.

9. I am thankful for rest.

10. I am thankful that He is my Rock and my Salvation.  Whom shall I fear?

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