Monday, September 30, 2013

39 Weeks...and waiting :)

Today marks 39 weeks of pregnancy with these boys!  Other than being more physically uncomfortable here at the end this has STILL been my easiest pregnancy.  I am so thankful too because of all the things we have done, especially late in this pregnancy, that I don't think would have been possible if I'd felt poorly.

Tomorrow I go see my Doctor and hopefully will schedule an induction.  While I am usually not a huge fan of such things, I think that sooner is a bit better with twins and frankly, I'm uncomfortable enough that I'm ok with it.  I do know that my chances of a C-section are higher, but they are higher anyway with the twins so seems like a chance worth taking.

The girls are doing great.  They are super excited about the boys.  Levi seems to be the one Grace talks about often and Abi talks about Jacob a lot.  Not even born yet and they already have favorites!  :)  They are sweet girls.  Abi rubs my belly a lot, I think without realizing it, while I'm holding her.  Makes me smile (and tickles).

Hubs is doing well and our big kids are great.  I'm loving this set up and I still have not found it strange to come downstairs in the morning to a teen in our kitchen.  I felt like that would be weird but so far it's just been a good thing.  There have been hard moments and tough conversations but that's what family does right?  So excited to be in this part of our journey of life.

Hopefully the next post will be that the boys have arrived!  We shall see! :)


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