Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh they joy!

March 2011

I woke up this early to hit my office before the kiddos were up.  As typically happens they started making noise as I descended the stairs.  Fortunately I was able to get a devotional read and coffee made without alerting them to my presence.  Now they are happily "chatting" (I say because only one can talk) in their room and who am I to interrupt that cuteness?

As I usually say when I post after not posting for awhile life has just taken over my life!  It has been one of those hard to get a break type weeks but it is also so important to say that I wouldn't change it!  I think sometimes I get caught in the "grass is greener" mentality.  I think the moms who stay home and "get" to "just" focus on their kids/home have it better - forgetting that there are so many aspects of my job that I really think would crush my soul if they were taken away.  I also think that moms who "get" to go to work in the morning then turn off work and switch on home life have it better - forgetting that although it may be an interruption or make typing more difficult, a two year old that wants to cuddle is better than a bunch of office co-workers any day!

Here are some updates:

 - She is delightful.  I am amazed every day at what she knows and how she is growing as a person.  Sometimes when I watch her I feel like I am watching and talking to myself at two years old.  It is the closest thing to an out of body experience I ever hope to have and sometimes it is startling how much it really feels that way.  The other day she caught me just staring at her and I'm pretty sure she thinks I've lost my mind.

 - She is delightful!  I think this one is getting some teeth in so she has been a bit fussier than usual...but when you consider how not fussy my kids usually are I have no room to complain.  Her hair is still as red as ever (where did that come from?) and I think she is looking more and more like her daddy!  She has been rocking up on her knees a lot so crawling will be here soon!

 - He is good and working so hard!  But I don't think he really wants to be featured on the blog so lets just leave it at he's a wonderful man and I am blessed!

Princess Program
 - This is the program where we get 5-10 girls and do a Bible study with them for about 12 weeks then take them on an awesome pampering fun day.  Usually we work with the school calendar but I have a LIST of names of girls who want to participate so our next group is staring in two weeks!

Experiencing God
 - I have some Princess graduates that wanted to do another Bible study...this starts Monday!  (These are the crushing soul things that I could not live without)

 - Coupons are awesome.  I think my tendency is still to try to do too much...but then I get deals on board games for less than $2 each or 15 cups of yogurt for $1.75 and I can't complain.  I recently got full size toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, 2 packs of "feminine care products" and body wash for a TOTAL of $.50.  It was AWESOME (especially when my husband guessed $5-$8 and was amazed when I told him).  Remembering that yes, it is to help the family budget but also a hobby and not a life consuming activity is important!

My hope is to get a good pattern in life again soon.  Abi was kicked out of our room (again) and so hopefully we'll get them sleeping well, a schedule in place and I will find those fringe hours for writing and being. 

March 2012

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  1. Glad to hear the girls are doing well sleeping in the same room! That's awesome!!

    You know, you have great kids! I like them a a lot a lot.

    Yay coupons!! I love hearing about your savings! I have been collecting coupons when I can, but because I don't have access to a newspaper that has them, its difficult :/ lol