Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wouldn't it be nice...

Someone snuck a taste of brownie batter...
when it was still just oil and cocoa powder.  YUCK.

...if the dishes were done?

...and the floor swept?

...and the food cooked?

...and the laundry finished?

...and the children bathed?

...and the lesson plan planned?

...and the dessert baked?

...and the emails answered?

...and the bathroom cleaned?

A friend asked me if I was tired last night and said something about how every mom she knows always seems tired.  I hope I don't always seem tired although I think there have only been a few nights that I've slept through in the past 3 years :)  What I told her is - "Moms that stay home with kids are constantly going all day and that can be very demanding and draining.  Moms that go to work all day and come home to kids are constantly going and that can be very demanding and draining.  Moms that constantly focus on how tired they are and how bad they have certainly don't appreciate the beautiful lives they've been entrusted with."

We all have our moments.  We all have our bone tired, can I even do this, my body is so exhausted and I lost my mind days ago moments.  But in the end, moms that remember the beautiful beings that are THEIRS generally have fewer of those days and know that soon their little ones won't be so needy which is both good and sad all at the same time.

I am off to wash, sweep, cook, fold, bathe, plan, bake, write and clean! At least my to-do list is written!  :)  Hope you have a delightful Saturday night and experience some peace in the midst of it!


11:45pm Update:
...if the dishes were done? As done as they are going to get.  Will unload dishwasher and finish in am.
...and the floor swept? Done.
...and the food cooked? Done.
...and the laundry finished? Last load in dryer, Hubs needs clothes put away still.
...and the children bathed? Done (and asleep!).
...and the lesson plan planned? Done (although I'm nervous about it!)
...and the dessert baked? Done.
...and the emails answered? Done-ish?
...and the bathroom cleaned? Ehhhhh, that.  I did put a scrubbing bubbles stamper thing in my toilet...

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