Friday, November 18, 2011

Blogs I Read

Thought I'd do a quick list of blogs I read regularly...along with some quick notes.  That way when I don't keep you entertained enough you can check in with one of them!

1. Curious Georgi - we became friends during her family's stay in Dayton.  I still regularly ask for mom wisdom, tips for beating things like thrush and breastfeeding.  She does more than "mom" posts and keeps it real about life!

2. Moments With Love - I think she is awesome about sharing her mom moments, adoption stories and more.  I feel like a stalker because I don't know her but find her fascinating!

3. Life In A Shoe - she has 10 kids and has a lot of fun things to say!  I love reading about big families and how they do it all!  You will probably notice the big family thing tends to be a trend.

4. I'm A Lazy Mom - tips, recipes and tricks to help keep life simple!

5. Raising Olives - Another big family blog.  I don't always agree...although the disagreement tends to be more with the delivery then with the statements.

6. Parent Hacks - a fun blog with helpful tips!

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  1. thanks ; )

    i'm gonna check out the lazy mom and hacks. thanks for the tips.