Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Stuff Blogs Are Made Of/Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #32

Hey there,

So I've been MIA recently.  Frankly its been a hard few weeks and I haven't felt like being honest about it and everything else felt pretty fake.  Nothing really serious (honestly!) - just a lot of little things that all seemed to happen at once.  But it is what it is and now we continue.


1) I am thankful for family time putting up our Christmas tree.  I am thankful for my little girls' handprints on ornaments that I can treasure for years to come, ornaments Grace got with her daddy, and ornaments that bring back memories.

2) I am thankful for low pressure Christmas shopping.  I now enjoy buying presents at great prices that make eyes light up...or making presents, or doing something thoughtful.  It makes Christmas more fun.

3) I am thankful for getting almost caught up on work.  I say that because I don't think I'll be truly caught up until my kids go to school everyday (if that ever happens!) but here's hoping! :) really, I've had a productive few days.

4) I'm thankful I can text my Doctor on a Sunday morning about a problem I have with the girls AND that she takes the time to pray about her answer before replying.

5) I am thankful my girls were troopers when they got their shots.  Also thankful Grace did a great job when she got blood drawn to check for allergies.  I know that was hard on her...and me.  But she did get two suckers in one day and A LOT of stickers!

6) I am thankful for a Grace-sized picnic table that sits in my office so she can color while I work...and maybe one day paint when she is trustworthy :)

7) I am thankful for awkward situations that bring much needed bonding at Bible study!

8) I am thankful for the song "How He Loves"...the lyrics just play in my head constantly.  Gracie-bug sings the Ohhhhh part with me (Ohhh He loves us, Ohhhh how He loves us, Ohhhh how He loves us, Ohhhh how He loves).

9) I am thankful that when asked "what song do you want to sing" the top three are ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle and Jesus Loves Me.  So sweet.

10) I am thankful for my dear friend's TWO babies due in April.

11) I am thankful for friends who let me cry.

12) I am thankful for the heater in my van that has settings other than on/off like my old truck.

13) I am thankful for my amazing little girls.

Ok, now I'm just getting sappy. 

I'm reminded that it isn't really about the things we accomplish or the great things we set out to do...but it is how we handle the little things, the small moments.  What is our response when the choice is to trust or be afraid?  What do we do when the option is to be crippled by fear or turn it over to the Lord?  Do we dwell on the things that we are thankful for or the things we wish we could change? 

Today, I'm choosing to dwell in Him and to be thankful for what is...and when I forget to be thankful, to go find my babies and give them a hug to remember again.

**My goal for December is to write about some family traditions we have surrounding the holidays!

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  1. Yay! New post! I'm sorry you had a rough couple of weeks... I'm about to step into that, too, so when I get back, we will find time to relax!!

    I miss you and love you lots! I hope to next couple of weeks are fun, relaxing, productive, and easy on you.