Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursdays Top Ten #31

1. I am thankful for a 3 hour nap for both my little girls AT THE SAME TIME!  That makes for one super productive me.  Of course, while I'm typing this Grace is waking up so I'm going to have to finish my list with her on my lap.

2. Super cuddly little girls who still like to be in their momma's lap! ;)

3. I'm thankful for time with my big kids, phone calls with friends who live far away and the encouragement of those around me.

4. I am thankful that because of leading our new Bible study (with two other awesome ladies) I am seeing lies in our society VERY plainly.  I love the new awareness of the message of music, tv and more that I have now.  It also makes me sad that I can't hear or watch anything anymore :)

5. I am thankful for two young ladies that want to come watch my kids on Saturday so I can make applesauce.  They are possibly the answer to my prayers for some new "big kids" for our family but we shall see, time will tell!

6. I am thankful that God uses the strangest of situations to prove Himself faithful.  Some people call it "in the right place at the right time", I call it in His hands.

7. I am thankful for a kids' room that rearranges well.  I once again moved furniture around so Grace was not by any windows.  Ugh.  That kid :)  She has been going to bed so well lately, I'm VERY proud of her!

8. I am thankful for medicines and therapies for my kiddos when they are sick.  We are still trying to beat Grace's infection and she has a cold now too but she is getting better and getting the help she needs.

9.  I am thankful for friends who ask what I'm doing (either right now or at a time in the future) because they want to come visit me!

10. I am thankful for a plan for my momma's birthday that includes breaking and entering, surprises and lots of sugar.

11.  I am thankful for "alone time" in my car last night where I got to rock out to "I Will Survive" and "Man I Feel Like A Woman"...really really loud. :D  I miss the 90s.

12.  I am thankful that I am only called to be me, I don't have to try to be everyone else too.

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  1. i love those songs!

    i want you to come kidnap me for my birthday [april 13]

    you are a machine---two kids both three hour naps #thosewerethedays

    yay for bible study

    what have your kids been sick with lately? hmm do you have them on any vitamins or supplements? i'd suggest vitamin gummies and vitamin C and some whole food supplements like JuicePlus or even there is another brand or two that sells whole foods fruit and veggie gummies. i've also heard great things about probotics so i've started giving them some "candy" hard chewables from the health store that taste good

    it's probably all the weather and sick kids at church