Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Update

Hey there!

So this is a nutty weekend at the Teen Center so my Hubs is gone pretty much all weekend.  Last night I went to my parent's house to hang out with them and my cousins and Grace ended up spending the night.  This is the quietest Saturday morning I've had in awhile! 

It is now Saturday night and I figured I should finish writing my post :)   I... my office pretty clean.

...figured out a coupon system that would make me feel productive but not make me crazy.

...made sugar cookies and let my two year old help me decorate.  She did really good not eating all the cookies...not so good not licking her fingers.  We'll probably only give those to close family and friends ;)

...let my kid run around in underwear.  It was cute.

...made two batches of chocolate chip cookies (which feels pretty lame because I usually make six at a time)

...admired the 34 quarts of applesauce I made last weekend and never posted about.

...went to Meijer and used a new carrier that my kid apparently loved.

...remembered that I forgot to sign up to bring food for church and am now considering what is left in my kitchen that would be appropriate.  (Cookies?  Applesauce?)

...emailed some people.

...deposited a check. (You know you care!)

...danced with my babies.

...continued to contemplate if I should say "I have a 12 week old baby" on my jury duty notice.

...put the right plates on my new van. (ROCK ON)

...sent a picture of my daughter dancing in her underpants to my mom.

...gave the baby a bath.

...picked out clothes for them for tomorrow...which reminds me I need to move laundry.

...prayed a lot.

...found episodes of Covert Affairs on my tv that I haven't seen yet.

...talked to a friend.

...ate too many cookies.

...picked up lunch for Hubs and dropped it off which just makes me feel like a good wife.

...was reminded how quick my kids grow and how much I love them.

...made a mental note to get this DC trip planned.

...enjoyed finding peace in the moments.


  1. i REALLY liked this post, it was cute!

    i'm amazed at 34 quarts of applesauce! wow, i don't know how to do that! we were suppose to when we studied apples, but i'm pretty sure i just bought him apple sauce that week.

    kids in underwear=awesome photos

    miss and love ya

  2. You were so productive!! You're great! So proud of you!