Sunday, December 4, 2011

Funny Friday...On Sunday

Sooo, I'm in bed typing with my thumbs because really, when else am I going to string together coherent thoughts.  And then I woke Abi up...nuts.

Ok, where were we?


1) I changed Grace's diaper today. It just looked weird to me. Then I realized she'd been wearing one of Abi's diapers.  Time to potty train.

2) Thursday I was just having a down day - my post baby body isn't making me thrilled and my hair is in serious need of some help.  I thought it'd be nice if my husband told me I looked pretty.  Then I started cracking up. Hubs of course asked what was funny and not wanting to reveal my innermost thoughts I dodged for awhile but then caved and told him the story above...but ended it with "and then I realized it was 4pm and I was still in pajamas so I could see why maybe that wouldn't cross your mind"

(He has since told me I was pretty)

3) I don't usually recommend movies that could be deemed awkward at times but Crazy Stupid Love made me laugh...hard.

4) Grace asked me what "that" was pointing to my stomach - so I told her it was my belly to which she said ohh, boo boos, I sorry.  Yeah, I have stretch marks kid and they're YOUR fault! :) she's sweet.

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