Monday, December 26, 2011

I love Christmas.

My husband kept saying yesterday "You just love Christmas don't you?"  I do!  I love it with my whole heart.  I love picking out gifts for people and watching them open them.  I love the excitement in Grace's eyes when she gets something she LOOOOVES.  I love watching her pick up gifts to give to people then proudly announce "I help you!" and help unwrap!  I love that my family is patient and kind to my little girls.  I love the generosity I get to show and receive from others.  I love the new things that populate our home and thinking of who gave them to me.  I love that we [my family] gives gifts that are useful and helpful and pratical with a hint of whismy.  I love that we get to sit around and play games.  I love that we get to take naps.  I love Christmas food and Christmas leftovers.  I love everything about Christmas.

Usually the day or two after I get this little bit of a hole where the Christmas spirit was.  This year though (and I realize we're only a day after) I still feel the joy of it.  I feel the organized cleanness of the house because I was practical in putting away gifts.  My daughter has a toy she will love and play with for YEARS and she gets excited when she sees it.  I feel like this year is different and this year Christmas won't fade as quickly or as suddenly.

I want to tell you all about our day and gifts and treasures but I'm sure you have stories of your own that you are currently holding onto in your mind.  Enjoy them, snuggle in them and when January has you down, make a cup of hot chocolate and go back to them!

Merry Christmas!


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