Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hi Mom! and The Peppermint Mocha Saga

I recently gave my blog link to my mom...don't tell her I complained about how she made me clean out my car?  mmmkay?

This week seems busy already and it is only Tuesday!  Last night we had Bible study and I am pumped that the girls are coming - not so pumped when I feel like we aren't getting through.  I think they thought I was losing my mind last night.  I must have said "Are you listening because I want you to REALLY hear me" at least three times last night.  I'm reminded that it is my job to plant the seeds and water them but the Lord's job to make them grow.

It was a good night though and I think we covered a lot of good information.  We talked about "must haves" and "deal breakers" in relationships.  This week their journals are what physical boundaries they have for their dating relationships.  It is always interesting to me to see what they came up with and why they choose those boundaries.

Today Hubs took the day off which led to a nice morning with him and then he watched the girls so I could go to the DMV for my license plate.  And FINALLY get a peppermint mocha (although it is the McDonald's variety and not the Starbucks variety but it is a start).

I have been posting on my Facebook page for the past few WEEKS about how I wanted a peppermint mocha but I haven't had time to get one.  So I FINALLY got out of the house on Sunday (by myself) and went to Target with the plan to stop at their Starbucks and drink it while I finished Christmas shopping.  So I approached the counter and proudly stated: I would like a Peppermint Mocha please!  To which she replied: Sorry, we're out of peppermint.  Now, I had been waiting WEEKS for this mocha so I replied in my not so quiet voice: Are you serious?  You can't be serious!  I have been talking about how I was going to get a peppermint mocha for weeks and you're out of peppermint?  I think I may have looked a little crazy and I may have had a tear well up in my eye...and then I finally said, ok, I'd like a medium caramel brulee, not looking her in the eye.  So she rang me up and gave me a coupon for a free drink.  I must have looked pretty upset.  (Although in my defense I was not rude, it wasn't her fault!)

Hope you are enjoying the holidays and not taking the peppermint mochas little things too seriously.

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  1. Oh no! Dumb Starbucks! lol That is a bummer though... I saw how much you were wanting one. And I'm proud that you weren't rude. I can not say that I wouldn't have been. lol