Saturday, April 9, 2011

Busy day in the neighborhood!

Today has been a day of work and fun.  I am always blessed when the kiddo is worn out at the end of the day because we've had quality time AND accomplished something!  Today my mom called me up to get together - and said she had a project to work on but wouldn't tell me what it was.  That is the LAST time I complain about my car needing to be cleaned out.  Fortunately she tackled it with me and all the milk, crumbs, toys, blankets, sunglasses, animal crackers and more are under control.  I complained but it was certainly a blessing and more fun to do it with her than alone!  Of course Grace ran around the whole time "helping". 

We also made a grocery store run with a then cranky baby in the pouring rain but made it through and got home before she completely lost it.  She took a nap, I took a nap and then I made pancakes and hung out a bit.  After nap time we put laundry away, got a snack (she is good about bringing me a bowl when she wants something to munch on!) and then ran to Target.  $50 later I got everything I "needed".  Ugh, that store is going to kill me.  I love their $1 kids books though!

After Target we ran around while more, ate some dinner, had a bath and watched Little House on the Prairie together.  I'm not completely sure all the subject matter is appropriate for my 1 year old but that's probably about as wholesome as it gets.  Now she is in bed and I'm getting ready to move laundry, make soup for church tomorrow and find some dinner.  Full, fun day!  Can't complain!

My goal for the evening is to get one room in my house cleaned up well before I go to bed.  We shall see how that works out!  I'm starting to get out of breath pretty easy with this kiddo but it's probably good practice for the craziness that will be two of them.  Oh, and while I'm at it - I know some moms complain about their kids underfoot while they're in the kitchen or trying to accomplish something.  And I know with multiple kiddos I may too, but right now I LOVE when I am working on something and I feel a tug on my pants or a hand on my leg.  What a joy to see that smiling face wanting to be involved!  Praise the Lord for my little munchkin!

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