Monday, April 25, 2011

Waiting Rooms.

Today I had an ultrasound for babybop.  It was at 2:45.  At 3:45 they called us back to the room.  Around 4:30 we finally left.  I was frustrated.  Grace did an AWESOME job and didn't fuss at all.  She listened so well today!  It may have been the standoff we had this morning about if she really had to put the place mats back on the kitchen table.  Round 1: Mom.  Maybe she was just wise and didn't want to try her luck at Round 2 today.  Either way, she did great.  I probably would have done better if I wasn't hungry but chocolate pie for lunch doesn't exactly stick to the bones. 

Long story short, babybop looks great.  I'd post pictures today but they are in the diaper bag in Grace's room and that just doesn't seem like a good idea. 

Yes, this does have babybop's name on it...No, I'm not telling what it is.

My mom tried to get Grace to give up the secret today.  Made me laugh.  Her lips are SEALED! 

Other than our waiting room expedition we had a pretty uneventful day.  Bible study and game night with my girls.  Oh, and tooth brushing goodness...

Elmo toothbrush.  Monkey towel.  It has a tail :)

My deep thought for today is that life sometimes feels like a waiting room - waiting on the next THING to happen and missing out on today.  Sometimes I find myself wishing it were just August already because babybop will be our next "big thing" (hopefully not too big!) but like in that movie with Adam Sandler and the remote control I would NOT want to fast forward the next few months and miss out on Grace and time with my husband.  Even day to day it is easy to wish the day were just over...and yeah, there are some days that just need to be done, but usually there is at least one VERY joyful thing in each day if we just look for it.

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  1. Ok, now you have me curious what Baby Bop's name is! LOL! :) We didn't even find out what we were having with our last 2. It about killed our family. It is really fun. Good job for Grace being able to keep a secret. Mine would so blab!