Friday, April 15, 2011


Overwhelmed has been my word of the week.  There is an episode of Gilmore Girls where Michel says he has "ennui" - a metaphysical angst.  So now when I'm in a frustrated/down mood I tell my husband it is a metaphysical angst - I love that he gets me :)

This week my darling daughter has decided that temper tantrums and whining are good fun.  I do my best to ignore her as much as possible during these fits - occasionally throwing in "mommy needs you to use your words" or "can you show mommy what you want?"  But to no avail - the screaming/whining continues.  She also now likes to throw things when she gets frustrated while shouting "NO NO NO NO NO".  It is funny in a "I'm going to have to beat this out of her" kind of way.  Ugh - yesterday my darling husband let me escape the house for an hour.  I believe my exact words were "If I don't leave this is not going to end well."  Praise the Lord for understanding husbands.  I think my pregnancy hormones are getting the best of me as well.

Fortunately today she threw a fit and he dealt with it.  And now she is taking a REALLY long nap.  I love the peaceful quiet :)

Lately I have been reminded of garbage in, garbage out so have been making a conscience effort to be careful with the quality and quantity of television coming into our home as well as the music that is playing.  It's been interesting.  And my dear friend Stephanie is in my head so every time I sit down to "enjoy" some mindless television I feel guilty.  I love her!  My house looks great!  I also have my new family chore list done so everyone has clean clothes and the house gets picked up regularly.  I think people could drop by any day and I wouldn't be embarrassed (although I would recommend Thursdays - that is bathroom day!).  :D

Alrighty, time to go finish some work stuff, make a grocery list and get ready for a cookie making marathon (my traditional contribution to Easter and Thanksgiving meals...although I might give some to our neighbors down the street...we wave but haven't actually met).

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  1. I hear you on tantrums. I'm in the process of reading some books to help me out. I've read some before and they have helped, but I'm just looking for even more wisdom from God concerning how to best deal with not only the behavior---but the heart ; )

    TV is so hard---personally we don't watch much, like two shows a week, but the kids watch a lot more. It's so hard because it makes my day fill out more and really entertains them.

    I know I've definitely let shows slip in that I swore I never would.

    It's easy to pretend that garage in will equal Christ attitudes out, but that's a fairytale. It's even harder when they are older and voice [argue] what shows they want to watch.