Saturday, April 23, 2011

What a day!

Today was a good day!  I got a ton done and the day ended with most of my chores being checked off the house list, a sleeping baby AND a general feeling of accomplishment.

I went to the grocery with my mom.  She got to see first hand my child's new favorite activity - throwing an all out fit for no apparently reason.  We're walking along then BAM wailing, tears and everything else.  It is a little crazy.  Fortunately this too shall pass...and as long as my ear drums stay intact and I don't get kicked out of any stores we should be fine.  (Although at this rate Baby 2 and I will be doing a lot of shopping while Miss Grace says home with Dad!)

Then I came home, took a 15 minute nap made two boxes of muffins and had the house smelling awesome right before my friend Joie showed up!  (Yea for visits from the Washington DC area!)   And she brought a mocha - double win.  We got to hang out for awhile and she got to see Miss Grace.  After our much needed visit I made 6lbs of apples into 2.5 jars of applesauce then decided I didn't want to move for the rest of the night :)

Miss Grace got some dinner and a bath, I watched a Royal Wedding special (not sure why but oh well), and then got the dishes done, floors vac'd, dusted and considered cleaning my bathroom. 

Right now I'm debating going to sleep, answering emails or watching more mindless television. 

I am reminded though that tomorrow is the day that we should celebrate more than Christmas, more than Thanksgiving, more than any other day - the day our Savior rose from the dead.  He lived for me, He died for me...what a humbling thought.  Someone asked WHY God would bother creating us when He knew we would bring heartache, make poor choices and may live our lives seperate from Him.  For the same reason I have children - because despite the possibilities of it all going wrong I still delight in them and cannot imagine life without them.  How amazing He feels the same way about ME!

He is Risen!
    He is Risen Indeed!

I hope you have HOPE this Easter - knowing that the Lord will return.  And if you don't have that hope, I'd be glad to tell you about it!

Up From The Grave He Arose
Robert Lowery
1. Low in the grave he lay, Jesus my Savior, 
 waiting the coming day, Jesus my Lord! 
 Up from the grave he arose; 
 with a mighty triumph o'er his foes; 
 he arose a victor from the dark domain, 
 and he lives forever, with his saints to reign. 
 He arose! He arose! Hallelujah! Christ arose!

2. Vainly they watch his bed, Jesus my Savior, 
 vainly they seal the dead, Jesus my Lord! 

3. Death cannot keep its prey, Jesus my Savior; 
 he tore the bars away, Jesus my Lord! 

This song always makes me think of my Grandfather who has demonstrated the love of the Lord to me since I was born (on his birthday!) and is a joyful reminder of what the Lord has done!

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