Friday, April 22, 2011

Funny Friday #1

Yes, I am using a friend's weekly themes because I need a format if I'm going to get into this blogging thing.  Eventually I'll branch out a bit more but for now this will work. 

This week's funnies include...

My daughter's new phrase: "Bye bye, see you!"  Where does she learn this stuff?

My mom: "I respect that you don't want to share the baby's name until she is born."  And then she spent 15 minutes texting me..."is it ____?"

My husband: "It is ok for you to do NOTHING sometimes.  Remember the flowers, remember the birds, screw the ant."

And of course my little one wearing mom's shoes is ALWAYS a good time! 

Wearing Mommy's Shoes

Riding The Horse at Meijer
This is a really old picture, but Aaron drew it and told people
"this is our family in 9 months" to tell people we were having another baby :)

This has been a little bit of a hormonal week for me - glad to see that at least a few things were funny. :)  I think next week if I eat better, sleep less and stay focused it'll be a better week!

1 comment:

  1. Your pictures cracked me up! hilarious!

    She look so serious.

    Love the ant bit, ha ha.

    Nation told me this hilarious story today about "africa" it cracks me up what they pick up.