Saturday, April 30, 2011

Funny (You Should Ask About My) Friday

I had planned to do a Funny Friday post this week and even had something brilliant in mind.  Which of course left my mind as soon as I found out I was going out of town overnight, needed to finish up work stuff and get packed.  Fortunately a quick trek to the grandparent's house doesn't require too much packing.

We got in the car at 6:40...about 20 minutes before Miss Grace's bed time.  She made it the whole two and half hours without sleeping AT ALL.  Happy as a clam.  She finally made it to be around 9:30 and I got to bed around 10:30 (ok, I blog-stalked a few people on my phone so it was more like 11:30 when I tried to sleep).  Grace decided it'd be super fun to start "talking" at 12am.  I'm not sure if she was asleep or not to be perfectly honest.

So from 12-3:00am my little darling cute as a pie (which I had to remind myself of while I was awake) little girl chatted up a storm...with herself.  Finally I told her it was night-night time and she needed to stop talking.  Which led to 10 minutes of night-night...night-night...night-night.  Finally she and I passed out. 

This morning my dad says, good morning.  Was Grace talking all night?  <sigh>

My Grandfather says "That was GRACE talking all night?  I thought it was the neighbors!  I almost called the police!"

Note to self: Don't live by my grandfather...he likes to call the police.  :)

And that is my funny Friday story...on Saturday.

(Oh, and HI to my new follower - I'm up to 3!!!)

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