Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sleepy Sunday?

I had a LONG day.  It is now 11:48pm and I just got home from work.  I have 7 minutes to type this while my pasta is cooking on the stove.  I am grateful for the people who work alongside of me - their cheerful attitudes and willingness to work kept me going much longer than I would have on my own.  I wasn't even doing most of the walking and my feet HURT tonight!  Praise the Lord for servers.

Tomorrow's Bible study is "How we know the Bible is real".  What a tough topic to teach.  I always want to say - it just is!  But I suppose the fact that they want me to "prove it" at least means they care.  Tomorrow will be lots of studying!  (If you have any brilliant wisdom feel free to leave me a comment!)

Here are some pictures of my kiddo.  She got a new Elmo doll and a stroller to push him in.  I just saw them a few minutes ago.  That stroller is teeny tiny.  I'm sure it will be a loved toy for the next few years!  Oh, and in other unrelated news I think yesterday was my last wedding ring day.  Last time I was pregnant I had to have my wedding band cut off because I couldn't get it off my finger.  My engagement ring is now off for good and I'm checking the band daily to make sure we don't get stuck again!

Grace pushing Elmo while wearing my mom's slippers.

Happy girl!!

This is also an almost-Easter-Do-Over picture.  That was her backup Easter dress that I think will now be her 2 year old birthday party dress unless I find another one I like.  It is SUPER cute in person and I think I can get an awesome bow to match the one on the front of the dress :)  Yep, planning her birthday and it's 4 months (and the birth of a baby) away!

Alrighty, my 7 minutes is up and I'm hungry!  

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